Wednesday, April 1, 2015

True Story

Yesterday we were enjoying a beautiful spring day at the playground in our neighbourhood. Lots of kids playing and having fun. It's spring break and there's no school. It was ruined by one person due to things said between children.
This father was also at the park with his child/children. I happened to be coming back from walking around the area with the dog when I see this man on a mission walk up to a woman (who's child is friends with my son).  As I was coming closer I hear him say loudly while pointing at the mother, "F-^% your son called my daughter fat!" And "You should go back to where you came from!!" which at that point made my blood boil and I said "that's just uncalled for" but I was too far for him to hear it. We all watched him storm off to his truck. From the story I heard from my friend who was there for the incident was that the mother's kids were playing and ran back to tell their mother something when the father approached them about the incident. I'm assuming she had apologized for her children but the man came back a second time to which I heard the above. That was definitely uncalled for. I wish I was closer so I could defend the mother and say what was going through my mind to that man.

First, if he was so upset that the boy(s) said something rude then yes say something to the parent but in a nice way. Children are children and they have no filter to what comes out of their mouth.

Second, as an adult he just showed to everyone at the park - children and adults alike - he is also judgmental about people of different cultures. As an adult he should have known better. So the young boys said something rude about his daughter's size but what did he show everyone else of his personality? He judged others too. And swore in front of all the children!

I wish I could go back to say that to his face. The man was 3x my size but to be able to say something would have be nice. I wish he heard what I had said. I really really hate people who judge not only on body image, but especially if people judge others because of their culture or race or their sexual preferences or whatever. I am also of a minority but never noticed it as a young Canadian girl born in this country. No one cared when I was growing up in school or in my French neighbourhood where we definitely were a minority. But as you become an adult I realize it becomes a big deal and I really don't get it. Why? We're still human, we are all made of the same material. We all die.

I should have gone to comfort and speak with my son's friend's mother. I also regretted that. I will when I see her next and maybe give her a big hug. We're only human after all.

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