Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Finds

A lot of my inspirations come from Instagram - who I follow - and from Pinterest. Here's my five for today.

1. With my love for B+W right now this article sums it up nicely how its a big trend in homes & food.

2. Since starting up my creative profile last week on Instagram, I started following this lady and just bought this awesome clear stamp set!

3. Stumbled upon This Is Ground site and just WANT this pouch!

4. Thinking of trying to make this ginger beef, mushroom & kale stir fry this weekend (sometime between baby showers & birthday parties).

5. This year I've been dreaming & thinking about travelling more. I guess i'm surrounded by friends/nurses who have been just travelling to amazing places in this world. One place on my Travel Bucket List is Switzerland. *sigh* day.

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