Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thinking // About a patient of ours that is now palliative
Wishing // I had a magic wand that I can just wave around & *poof* my house is clean & laundry is done
Dreaming // of travelling the world & seeing all the places on my Travel Bucket List
Eating // nothing
Drinking // spinach + frozen mixed fruits (with flax seeds and protein) smoothie
Feeling // relaxed


A new layout I just finished up today. When I work my stretches of 7 evening shifts it's hard to get time in to relax and craft. Really NEEDING to de-stress after this past stretch. 

This is a layout I recently posted on my Instagram I was working on last week. Finally completed it today.

The large 'E' I printed on photo paper using the font Porter Sans Block. It's definitely a favorite font at the moment (I also used it for my blog header).  I also used the digital journal cards for Studio Calico's March kit - Odyssey.  I'm loving the colors of the PL card kit because it's more boyish as oppose to last month's very girly and Valentine-related love theme. Definitely had to use more wood veneers.  And I didn't know how to use that wood veneer from the Cirque PL Kit but it works well on this layout. As always, I need my wood veneer on my LOs so used my stash of stars. 

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