Sunday, April 12, 2015

Featured: 'Happy' Layout

This is a few  hours late (since I've been working all evening) but this layout I made a few weeks back became Layout of the Week over at Studio Calico.  Check it out HERE.  It's the second layout of mine that has been picked as LOTW since I have been a member of SC.  The first layout was this one:

I believe I used the Studio Calico 'Field Guide' kit for this one back in November 2011.  It also features Arianna. I'm happy people like my scrapbook layouts/PLs I've been creating. Feels nice & the scrapbooking community is such a positive and nice place to be involved with. =)

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Time // 12:16p.m.
Eating // leftover BBQ pork chops & rice
Drinking // water
Thinking // Of my big to-do list this week while i'm's a big list of house chores
Wishing // That the wonderful sunny weather we got yesterday (+16C) is still here & not the flurries and -3C. 
Dreaming // Being able to lock myself up to finish all my craft projects I've been meaning to do
Feeling // Good

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

True Story

Yesterday we were enjoying a beautiful spring day at the playground in our neighbourhood. Lots of kids playing and having fun. It's spring break and there's no school. It was ruined by one person due to things said between children.
This father was also at the park with his child/children. I happened to be coming back from walking around the area with the dog when I see this man on a mission walk up to a woman (who's child is friends with my son).  As I was coming closer I hear him say loudly while pointing at the mother, "F-^% your son called my daughter fat!" And "You should go back to where you came from!!" which at that point made my blood boil and I said "that's just uncalled for" but I was too far for him to hear it. We all watched him storm off to his truck. From the story I heard from my friend who was there for the incident was that the mother's kids were playing and ran back to tell their mother something when the father approached them about the incident. I'm assuming she had apologized for her children but the man came back a second time to which I heard the above. That was definitely uncalled for. I wish I was closer so I could defend the mother and say what was going through my mind to that man.

First, if he was so upset that the boy(s) said something rude then yes say something to the parent but in a nice way. Children are children and they have no filter to what comes out of their mouth.

Second, as an adult he just showed to everyone at the park - children and adults alike - he is also judgmental about people of different cultures. As an adult he should have known better. So the young boys said something rude about his daughter's size but what did he show everyone else of his personality? He judged others too. And swore in front of all the children!

I wish I could go back to say that to his face. The man was 3x my size but to be able to say something would have be nice. I wish he heard what I had said. I really really hate people who judge not only on body image, but especially if people judge others because of their culture or race or their sexual preferences or whatever. I am also of a minority but never noticed it as a young Canadian girl born in this country. No one cared when I was growing up in school or in my French neighbourhood where we definitely were a minority. But as you become an adult I realize it becomes a big deal and I really don't get it. Why? We're still human, we are all made of the same material. We all die.

I should have gone to comfort and speak with my son's friend's mother. I also regretted that. I will when I see her next and maybe give her a big hug. We're only human after all.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Time // 12:09 p.m.
Thinking // Just need to work out for 20 minutes...that's it. =)
Wishing // I could stay home & craft (so many ideas flowing in my head)
Dreaming // Of summer heat...what's with this snow & "-2C feels like -7C! It's SPRING!
Eating // nothing
Drinking // pre-workout drink
Feeling // Happy

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Layout: Happy

Another scrapbook layout completed.  This was a happy accident.  I meant to cut the fold at the bottom of the page but just loved the flip side of the patterned paper. 

I was going for this Pinterest design that I liked.

I'm trying to use up my Studio Calico kits so it doesn't sit in boxes or my storage for long.  Because then I forget I have these pretty things and don't know when to use them. I need to stop hoarding supplies...LOL.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

PL 2015: Week 12

With so many projects i'm trying to do at once I'm starting to have a hard time staying on top of Project Life (again). Plus, all the housework that needs to be done.  I caught up today with Week 12.

Keeping it simple (as always). Love that I have a subscription to Studio Calico's PL kits. It helps with the process of finishing my spreads.

I had so many photos I wanted to include this week. It's hard to pick & choose. Then I figured, it'll give me extra photos to make into layouts! *lightbulb*

I cut up one of the PL cards in the SC Odyssey PL kit *YES*

I can't believe I took a #selfie. I really do HATE selfies but I had to document my new haircut. LOL.

SC Odyssey PL Kit | SC Cirque PL Kit | SC High Wire | KP Good Eats digital stamps

Monday, March 23, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Currently / PL 2015: Week 11

Thinking // How to get my hair cut well as Arianna's. Maybe a little asymmetrical bob for her?
Wishing // The sun would just come out now
Dreaming // Going on a little vacation for me-time
Eating // chicken wings (yeah it's early morning but eating leftovers)
Drinking // green tea
Feeling // Good
This week came together rather quickly. I started working on it the week of and just completed it. I tried something new by adding photo text of the day + time of day directly on the photo. 

 This week I also received an unexpected card from Studio Calico welcoming me to the PL kit at SC after being a member since 2009. How sweet was that? So I HAD to add it into my week spread.

Friday, March 13, 2015


These are the five blogs that I tend to visit on a daily basis:

1. Of course if you're big in the scrapbooking world you would be following/reading Ali Edwards. I have been following her since around 2008. She is my big source of inspiration for journal writing on my layouts/projects and has her own unique sense of creativity and style.

2. Another person I tend to "visit" daily is Elise Blaha Cripe. I've been following her since around 2009. I loved her mini books and bought a couple off her old Etsy site so I could create my own mini books. Now she inspires me with how her love for creativity & creating your own artwork in your own home.

3. Kelly Purkey is someone who satisfies my dream to travel the world and trying eat or drink at cool restaurants or cafes. Her stint in Paris last year just inspired me to start saving money & visit there one day. She's also made me want to try Shake Shack one day.

4. This girl creates the most impressive layouts and minibooks ever - In A Creative Bubble. LOVE her creativity and I probably bought MOST (if not all) of her digital journal cards from her little shoppe to use in my Project Life albums these past few years.

5. To round up my top five blogs is Dear Lizzy. Oh my God. She's got the cutest paper line in the scrapbooking world. LOVE. It's so dreamy and pretty. She makes me want to make pretty, girly layouts and minibooks.  She's probably the one who inspired me to buy my own Instax camera. Hehe. I've also been following her since about 2008-09. Just love her sense of style...and her family is sooo cute too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Thinking // About ideas for a baby book i'm making for a friend
Wishing // I didn't have to go to work today
Dreaming // Of curling up in bed with my baby's cool & cloudy today
Eating // nothing
Drinking // green tea
Feeling // sleepy

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

PL 2015: Week 10

Finally posting my Project Life pages on my blog. It's been awhile and i'm probably not going to go back to post all the last 9 weeks...i'll just start from here.
A simple but busy week. Lots of staying at home, a baby shower, a visit to the doctor's, drinks and some dancing with friends for two of their birthdays. Used alot of the Odyssey printable journal cards and some wood veneers (my fave of course!). I was falling a little behind since I work full 7-day stretches and not getting enough time to craft. Then on my stretch off i'm busy cleaning and doing chores around the house.
 Never ending. 

[Odyssey printable journal cards | Park Ave PL Kit | Cirque PL Kit]

Workspace Wednesdays

We still have yet to finish up my so-called craft room/probable guest bedroom in the basement. There's just one large rectangular window in the area. Which i'm sad about because not much natural light will be pouring through it. At present it's the office and my craft room. So I thought maybe if I have a great big budget i'd love these furniture to create my workspace.

First up I need a big worktable that I can stand at.  I usually like standing when I craft.
This kitchen island from IKEA is perfect. 
I would probably get two of them to work them together so I'd have a big table with lots of under storage.
These Tabouret stools are just awesome. Very vintage and hip. Definitely would need these to sit down on. 

Definitely need storage cabinets for all my supplies.  We've already bought me two of these Besta shelving units which I really love. I'm thinking I may need more.  And probably would get doors for them. Maybe all white or the black. Or have white doors with a pop of a yellow door! We plan on getting another style of the Besta shelving unit to hang on the wall once we've drywall-ed the basement.
I also want this rug for my workspace. Not sure where to put it but probably under the kitchen island. or by the desk. 
As seen on that floor. I'd also love that ghost chair. Always have wanted one like that. But i'd probably get this chair for my desk. It's too pretty.

I have a BIG thing for geometric design and B+W so this pendant light is awesome. Would love this. Not even in my workspace but in my dining room or above my kitchen island. 

This simple West Elm mid-century desk is great. 
Or this EQ3 Kick desk is also wonderful. Simple & clean lines.
This EQ3 Nelson Swag Leg desk is just wow. 

These are probably the main needs for my craft room. Accessorizing it will probably be the easiest to do. I've got most of my stuff in IKEA white office boxes which helps uniforms the look. I'd probably keep the walls white for a clean look, have a pinboard or peg board for my inspirations. 

I just can't wait to get this room done! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Finds

A lot of my inspirations come from Instagram - who I follow - and from Pinterest. Here's my five for today.

1. With my love for B+W right now this article sums it up nicely how its a big trend in homes & food.

2. Since starting up my creative profile last week on Instagram, I started following this lady and just bought this awesome clear stamp set!

3. Stumbled upon This Is Ground site and just WANT this pouch!

4. Thinking of trying to make this ginger beef, mushroom & kale stir fry this weekend (sometime between baby showers & birthday parties).

5. This year I've been dreaming & thinking about travelling more. I guess i'm surrounded by friends/nurses who have been just travelling to amazing places in this world. One place on my Travel Bucket List is Switzerland. *sigh* day.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thinking // About a patient of ours that is now palliative
Wishing // I had a magic wand that I can just wave around & *poof* my house is clean & laundry is done
Dreaming // of travelling the world & seeing all the places on my Travel Bucket List
Eating // nothing
Drinking // spinach + frozen mixed fruits (with flax seeds and protein) smoothie
Feeling // relaxed


A new layout I just finished up today. When I work my stretches of 7 evening shifts it's hard to get time in to relax and craft. Really NEEDING to de-stress after this past stretch. 

This is a layout I recently posted on my Instagram I was working on last week. Finally completed it today.

The large 'E' I printed on photo paper using the font Porter Sans Block. It's definitely a favorite font at the moment (I also used it for my blog header).  I also used the digital journal cards for Studio Calico's March kit - Odyssey.  I'm loving the colors of the PL card kit because it's more boyish as oppose to last month's very girly and Valentine-related love theme. Definitely had to use more wood veneers.  And I didn't know how to use that wood veneer from the Cirque PL Kit but it works well on this layout. As always, I need my wood veneer on my LOs so used my stash of stars. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Workspace Wednesdays

I have a thing for anything B+W. It's on my scrapbook pages, its my inspirations on my Pinterest boards, everything. Even my clothing.  These Scandinavian homes just have it right for their office spaces.

I still want one of those Alex drawers for storage. And those shelves to display artwork would be a great way for inspiration when sitting at the desk. I would probably put my layouts up there or whatever inspires me at the moment.

Simply in love with B+W.

Friday, February 27, 2015


1. This white + gold versus blue + black debate of a dress.  I personally see white & gold. My husband and son sees blue & black.  Apparently, the dress IS blue & black. How strange that this became such a huge sensation and debate.

2. My favourite new photo app is Waterlogue. Such a cool little app and I think worth the price of $3.49. The photo of my puppy, Buster, above was done using the "luminous" filter.

3. This blog post about the importance of printing our photos.

4. My favourite soup (probably of all-time) is a Zuppa Toscana. So good & I usually add some bacon to this recipe I've been using.

5. Favourite song at this moment is Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Seriously, if  whenever we renew our wedding vows I'd like to use this song.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Thinking // Ideas for this blog & new layouts
Wishing // I was home with the family (Ethan's home sick today)
Dreaming // summer...tired of this snow & cold wintery days
Eating // chicken fingers & fries (that the kids didn't finish)
Drinking // green tea
Feeling // need of a massage & not looking forward to going to work

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Workspace Wednesdays

My all-time need & want for a workspace has to have natural light pouring through big windows.  This cute little space is just perfect. Probably not enough space for me (as I like to spread everything around on a big table).

And a shelving unit is a plus!  With all my scrapbooking supplies you need the extra storage space. And just LOVE anything black & white.  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I actually completed a NEW layout today! It's been brewing in my head for awhile and finally got to put in down on paper (so to speak).

Now & For Like Ever:

Using up alot of my stuff from the Studio Calico Cirque PL kit and paper pad.  Also used Maggie Holmes' Open Book vellum embellishments. Simple, black & white and with pops of color.  What i'm loving right now.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Project Life: Week One & Two

It's a new year and one of my goals was to stay actively creative and on top of Project Life 2015 album. I'm still weeks behind on my PL 2014 but i'll work on that alongside my PL 2015 until i'm caught up.
Here's a look at Week One:

I'm keeping things graphic, black & white, simple. With a few embellishments.

I have a thing for wood veneers.  Ever since Studio Calico introduced them I've been hoarding them and definitely been using them on my scrapbook layouts or any memory keeping projects I do. The I'm also working on adding more journaling along with my photos. I used alot of the Studio Calico's Far Far Away Project life digital journal cards (new this month) for Week One - including the Far Far Away Adventure Stamp (digital) and Far Far Away Scrapbook kit stamp (digital). Other products I've used are on this week are from the Midnight Kit, Heidi Swapps' Overlay kit and Maggie Holmes' Open book vellum ephemera.

Here's my Week Two:

I used some of the digital paper from the SC Far Far Away 12x12 set (like the bottom right photo) and also created my own journal card (like the top left 3x4 "All Bundled Up").

Used some of the Amy Tangerine Plus One digital paper, Kelly Purkey's Good Eats stamp set, and Paislee Press card no.24.

I'm big on hybrid memory keeping. I love to be able to manipulate typography and still be able to print it on pretty cardstock; as well as adding little embellishments to it.

Well that's my first two weeks of my Project Life 2015.  Next time i'll show you my actual title page I had created and hopefully Week Three will be done by then!