Saturday, August 31, 2013

Enjoying life

Ahhh!  It's the last day of August and what a fun-filled month it was!  I swear, August hit and we had to do something every SINGLE day!  Birthday partys, weddings, dinners, outings!  So i'm definitely trying to catch up on my Project Life album and hope my next stretch off work I can do that...any maybe bust out some layouts or minibooks.  Ethan is back to school and Arianna may go to daycare some days which mean I actually may have time for me!

As I uploaded just August 2013 pictures to my Facebook account last night (haven't done that in a LONG while) I found that i'm actually IN these photos.  I realized I have taken more photos with me in them.  Seems to be alot of me in there...hehe.  But in the past I always took photos of my family and friends without me in them.  ALOT of photos without me.  The reason for the change is because working as a nurse I see anything can happen today or tomorrow.  I want to cherish those memories and show that I did enjoy life and didn't just hide behind the camera.  I guess it goes back to 10 years or so when my dad got sick and became disabled.  I took so many photos of my mom and sister with him because I like taking them. And I only took photos with him when it was an occasion...last my University graduation day. But when he suddenly passed, I look for photos containing me and there were a handful of me with him.  Just me and him.  The most recent of us was my Graduation in June 2005 but he passed in November 2005.  So that's almost 6 months of no photos with him.  I felt loss when we were trying to collect photos to display at his funeral.  I was sad because all I found were happy everyday memories with my mom and sister and even our dogs.
So now, today, I take TONS of everyday happy moments with my kids and husband (have to force him) and whatever occasion.  Need to have those memories preserved not only in my mind but also in a physical-I-can-see-and-hold-in-my-hand memories.  Well, that's when I should PRINT them...someday.  This digital DSLR/iPhone camera causes me to take thousands of photos but no actual prints.  LOL.

Alright...end of my little story.  Time to head out for some tennis with friends!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Favorite Summer Song

Y'know when it's summer there's always those jams or songs that make you think of THAT summer?  Well this is definitely on my list of faves for this summer.  I LOVE IT!  And I love this version of it too! =)