Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July: Right Now


Feeling: Good.  Just did my Insantiy Day 6 workout.

Loving: That it's FINALLY SUMMER!

Exciting: That's it's summer and we can just relax.  Besides go to work.  Planning on a road trip with some girls from work to Minneapolis in a couple weeks.

Listening to: Despicable Me movie playing in the background.  Kids are excited for Despicable Me 2 to come out tomorrow!

Enjoying: a strawberry smoothie.

Eating: pizza pop...bad, I know.

Planning: going to work.  Wish I was off.  But that's ok.  Vacation is coming up next month!!

Should be: getting ready for work & getting the kids cleaned up and dressed!

Wearing: work out clothes & my runners.

Hoping: to finish this work stretch so I can enjoy spending time with my family.

Looking forward: finishing up our landscaping.

NOT looking forward: having to DO the work of finishing up shoveling the black granite stones on the yard and then soiling and sodding the front yard.  Oh, and finish up the flower bed area.

Wishing: to win the lottery so I can just spend all my time with my kids...and Tommy too. =)

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