Monday, July 22, 2013

Color Me Rad 2013

This past weekend (on the Saturday) I ran my very first 5K.  And yes, I ran the ENTIRE TIME!  I'm pretty happy about that since I never really trained for the run.  Last time I ran was probably a month or so ago and the most I can run is 2 miles.  I also stop sometimes to catch my breath.  Plus, I ran to keep up with my friends...I didn't want to get left behind.  I think doing the Insanity workout these past 2 months has helped build my cardio and stamina up.  Yay!

And the reason I ran THIS particular 5K because it looked super fun when I first saw the posting on Facebook.  I looked into it and convinced some friends to do it with me.  We wanted to be the Rainbow Brites or the Reading Rainbows but all those were taken so we became the "We Dream in Color" team. We just googled it.  LOL.

 The Color Me Rad run was sooo fun and entertaining.  It was "painful" during the run but it was fun knowing that at every kilometer you get thrown colored cornstarch or sprayed with it.  And I think we all finished in about 35 minutes.  That's amazing.  I usually run my 2 miles on the treadmill in 30 minutes.  After our run (and posting some photos on FB) more of our co-workers/friends want to join us for next year's run!  Hopefully Color Me Rad comes back to our city (since we had two days of it because it was so popular)!

The aftermath!

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