Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day - 2013 version (recap)

Simple day.

Woke up at 6am (maybe almost 7am) because Ari was awake and Ethan woke up.  He was itchy.  So I got up to get his ointment and lotion.  But then he's fully awake and says, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  Wait!  I have something for you!".  He jumps off the bed and goes to his room to give me my mother's day gift he made for me at school.  Crayon-colored flowers and coupons.  (To be honest: I had seen it already since I took it out of his backpack he tried so hard to hide from me a few days earlier and I hid my own gift from me in his closet).   I hugged and kissed him and thanked him then I told him to go back to sleep.  Hehehe.

Ari fell asleep in my arms again and I heard Tommy come in an hour later to grab Ethan.  All I remember hearing from them was, "don't come downstairs until we tell you to."  I was fine with that.  I was asleep.  All of a sudden (which felt like only 5 mins) Ethan jumps on me to tell me breakfast is ready!  I drag myself (and Arianna) out of bed to come downstairs to breakfast made on the table.


Eggs, waffles, bacon and sausage with OJ and coffee.  Oh, and a little strawberry shortcake to celebrate the day.  Simple.  Perfect.  That's all I need.  I don't need jewelry or new fancy schmancy stuff...this is from the heart.  And Ethan was sooo proud to present to me the table and the breakfast he helped make.  I'm happy.

After naptime (yeah, sleeping again), I got ready for work and the kids & I headed to my mom's to celebrate with her.  Ethan accidently forgot his coloring page he made for her but his aunt/my sister came to the rescue with 2 dozen coral-red roses.  So pretty.
I love my man, E&A.  I love my mom.

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