Friday, May 31, 2013

May: Right Now


Feeling: Sleepy.  This rainy weather makes me want to snuggle under the covers in my nicely darken room.

Loving: my deck!!!  It's huge & I can't wait for the hot, sunny days to sit out there and BBQ.  Plus, I can't wait till it's done.

Exciting: I chopped off almost 10 inches off my hair! Not enough to donate but it's still alot.  It was time for a change.  Got bangs & a shorter do.  I'm still trying to get use to it.

Listening to: Get Lucky - Daft Punk w/Robin Thicke & Pharell.  LOVE THIS!  On repeat lately.

Enjoying: a cup of coffee and the time I have right now to be creative.

Eating: my noodle egg soup.

Planning: catching up on my PL album, doing some laundry & just relaxing.

Should be: doing laundry & cleaning.  LOL.

Wearing: pj pants & tank top with my sweater.

Hoping: for sunshine & blue skies & hot days

Looking forward: starting on my landscape& gardening

NOT looking forward: to going to work tomorrow morning on a Saturday when I should be off.  Switching sucks & always is a good idea at the time.

Wishing: for hot days

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