Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March: Currently

Time: 9:25am

Feeling: Sore - dental surgery done yesterday to remove my wisdom teeth. Hurts like a b*@$h

Loving: my family - especially that picture of Ari posing in a bathroom pic of us. I hear "Pretty Girl Rock" song in the background.

Listening to: Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson (hehehehe...)

Enjoying: a cup of coffee my hubby made for me before he went to work. xoxo Bonus: Ari is still sleeping so peace & quiet.

Eating: nothing - not sure what I could eat - barely can open my mouth

Planning: on catching up with my PL album and complete my best friend's baby album! Baby H is almost here!

Should be: Studying for my med-surg certification exam (totally cramming now! Ahhhh!)

Wearing: black Lululemon pants & a black top

Hoping: for summer to come already!

Looking forward: beside summer, vacations, weddings & working on our house OUTSIDE!

NOT looking forward: to going back to work tomorrow =(

Wishing: to win the lottery so I can spend all my days with my kids & hubby

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