Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve of my favorite times of year!
I love getting the kids dressed up in their holiday pjs (new ones this year!), I love setting up the cookies & milk with Santa's letter, I love taking a picture of Ethan looking up at the tree in excitement.

BUT...unfortunately...i'll be working this Christmas evening. =(

So, i'll miss out on dressing them up in pjs & taking those pictures, waiting in anticipation for Santa to come. But, the positive side to this is that I will get home when they're asleep and get to see "Santa" put the gifts under the tree, fill their stockings, and drink the milk & eat cookies. *WINK*


Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 on 12/12/12

Well, I took more than 12 photos December 12th. But these were the 12 I chose best represented the day.
It snowed like crazy and made driving very slippery! I was pretty much skating on the road with my truck.
Technically a screen shot of the texts I got from my hubby. Hilarious!
Grabbed McD's breakfast for us.
Just chillin' with my baby girl.
Picked up Ethan from school and while I shoveled snow he made snow angels.
FACE WASH!! Herself. =P
Gingerbread house & tree decorating time!
Opening Day 12 of their Advent books. Of course they were fighting over it.
Played our last Fall session of dodgeball with my team. Yup, we're the Enemas. It's because we're a team of nurses.
*sigh* her new thing is to blow/spit at you.
Playing with her brother's Angry Birds' toys.
Tired & passed out.

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's almost Christmas!

Finally decided on the style of our Christmas card for 2012! I used a Paislee Press card template to make it quick and easy for me. I have sooo many adorable pictures of the kids that I couldn't decide which to use. Plus, I was meaning to take some Christmas photos of the kids posing with our new tree but never got a chance to. Maybe next year!

I'm definitely behind on the Christmas stuff this year. Just not feeling it. Well, I want to do more holiday-ish stuff but it's been so busy with parties and kids stuff and plain old housework that I haven't had time to sit down for some quiet time and create. Booourns.

I think i'll post some pictures of my Advent Book countdown I did for the kids next time!