Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Right now I love...

... the colors mint, coral, white
... the drumstick mcflurry (from Mc D's)
... the Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus refresher
... visiting my new house every week or so to see some progress
... my family & hanging out with my new friends - Carissa & Van - they make me laugh so much
... putting lots of effort into making wedding invitations for my sister
... my brown flip flops
... having read Fifty Shades of Grey - good series
... tank tops, shorts or big loose tops over my tanks
... visiting my master bedroom balcony at the new house & imagine sitting there
... waking up & having some quiet time for myself (before my adorable kids wake up)

... the chaos i'm in right now of moving TWICE in the next 3 weeks, planning a wedding & trying to enjoy the summer. I know that once this is all over (and i'll be glad to breathE a sign of relief) that I will miss all this.

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