Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life is Crazy & Hectic!

I had such great plans to finish up my Week in the Life mini album but that fell short. I actually JUST caught up with my Project Life album. Glad i'm keeping up with that at least!
All of May (which I can't believe ends today!!) was spent scraping, painting, nailing, finishing, decorating the house - in and around. Oh my! My off week from work was spent doing all that and getting the house ready for open house. Luckily, we found buyers and sold within 2 days! Yay. What a relief!
So now it's my second week off from work this month and i'm crazy busy designing, printing, shopping, packaging prizes for my sister's social this coming Saturday. Ay! I would just like to take a breather... just for a bit...alone. Well, maybe in June it'll be a bit more relaxed. *crossing fingers*

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