Saturday, February 25, 2012

Right Now - on a Saturday Night

Wow. I was thinking how 10 years ago on a night like this me and my friends would either be (a)out for dinner at a nice restaurant all dressed up or (b) at a club drinking & dancing, OR doing both (a) & (b)! Fast forward 10 years later, i'm in my own house spending time with my 5 year old son and dancing together to song on one of his Thomas the Train movies. At least i'm able to scrapbook in peace & quiet and I got this order in a few days ago so I can have some fun!

So onto my Right Now section...

time: 9:46pm
where: in the computer/office room
weather:-12C and cloudy
doing: finishing up PL week 7 and starting week 8
thinking: I should be folding laundry or wrapping up that gift for tomorrow
need to: scrapbook & enjoy this quiet time
eating: finshed my McBistro chicken sandwich and fries
drinking: a diet Coke (from Mc D's)
listening: Thomas the train on the tv and Ethan reciting the whole dialogue
wanting: to go for a run but feeling lazy
reading: nothing at the moment
enjoying: this peace & quiet with no baby crying for me to pick her up =P
wondering: (and hoping) I wasn't scammed earlier today =(
creating: a page of pictures to print for my PL album
loving: that Tommy cleaned up the house for me

I really need to catch up with my memory-a-day blog! Hopefully tomorrow! Now back to some creative time!! =)

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