Monday, February 27, 2012

PL: Week 5, 6, & 7

Finally caught up with Project Life 2012. Currently working on Week 8 (last week) today.

First up, Week 5.

On the right, I found that little quote off Pinterest and created my own little 3x4 card using some of Rhonna Farrer's digital washi tape.
One of my favorite pictures of me and Ethan sharing our hot drinks from Starbucks. And that sweet photo of E&A lying next to each other. Arianna was trying to shove a toy soother into Ethan's mouth.
I created a collage of E&A at Home Depot of their cute expressions while we waited for their dad to pick up some work supplies.
On the backside of the little insert, I added the recipe for Zuppa Toscana soup which I also found off of Pinterest.
This week our roof (and my in-laws) were getting done so I included that. Along with a lunch date with Ari and Tommy for dimsum.

Week 6:
In the beginning of the week, I had to take Ethan and Arianna outside to count shapes and tally up what we saw for Ethan's first Math bag homework. We were so busy during the weekend that we were 'cramming' his very first homework. lol.
I made Bun Rieu (vietnamese dish) for friends, I had to get my SUV serviced for a recall (and oil change) and then clean up the house for Sheena & Rolly's first wedding entourage meeting.
I used a couple of Paislee Press' digital 4x6 cards, and used one of her chevron 3x4 card for added interest.

Week 7:
Another fun week!!
Sunday, Sheena's bridesmaids went to David's Bridal to try on dresses. I also fell in love with those charcoal colored Vera Wang shoes. LOVE THEM!!!!
Ethan busily helped decorate stickers on his Valentine's day cards for his classmates. I included some of his cards into baseball page protectors.
I also included another insert with an 8.5x11 layout of Ethan's birthday on the Friday. Can't believe his FIVE!!
On the last page, I cut up a portrait picture from Dear Lizzy's new pattern paper. I LOVE that paper!

And that sums up 3 weeks worth of Project Life!! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Right Now - on a Saturday Night

Wow. I was thinking how 10 years ago on a night like this me and my friends would either be (a)out for dinner at a nice restaurant all dressed up or (b) at a club drinking & dancing, OR doing both (a) & (b)! Fast forward 10 years later, i'm in my own house spending time with my 5 year old son and dancing together to song on one of his Thomas the Train movies. At least i'm able to scrapbook in peace & quiet and I got this order in a few days ago so I can have some fun!

So onto my Right Now section...

time: 9:46pm
where: in the computer/office room
weather:-12C and cloudy
doing: finishing up PL week 7 and starting week 8
thinking: I should be folding laundry or wrapping up that gift for tomorrow
need to: scrapbook & enjoy this quiet time
eating: finshed my McBistro chicken sandwich and fries
drinking: a diet Coke (from Mc D's)
listening: Thomas the train on the tv and Ethan reciting the whole dialogue
wanting: to go for a run but feeling lazy
reading: nothing at the moment
enjoying: this peace & quiet with no baby crying for me to pick her up =P
wondering: (and hoping) I wasn't scammed earlier today =(
creating: a page of pictures to print for my PL album
loving: that Tommy cleaned up the house for me

I really need to catch up with my memory-a-day blog! Hopefully tomorrow! Now back to some creative time!! =)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Right Now

time: 1044am
where: on the computer
weather: sunny, cold with a temp of -28C & windchill of -40C
doing: pinning on pinterest
thinking: i don't want to walk ethan to school in this weather
need to: clean my house
eating: mama instant noodle soup
drinking: coffee (timothy's rainforest espresso)
listening: to agent oso on disney junior & ethan jump around
wanting: a whole day to myself in peace
reading: nothing at the moment
enjoying: words with friends, scramble with friends & instagram
wondering: when my truck will be done
creating: embellishing my PL week 5
loving: that i'm not working today

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Everything here is Wonderful"

A new LO today! I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest and found this post.
I cut out a 3x4 piece of cardstock and created a sort-of diamond shape which I used to trace out on all the pattern paper. All the pattern paper are from my Studio Calico County Fair kit and glee-club kit. After cutting all the pieces, I laid it all out to see where I wanted to place on the 12x12 cardstock. I even measured out with a ruler and pencil the lines on the cardstock to make sure everything lined up.
After gluing everything down, I just trimmed off the excess paper.
And here is the final product!
To embellish, I misted used a butterfly mask and misted it with some Calico White to add some dimension. I also punched out a heart and misted one of the orange stripe patch with Calico White again. Then I used some AC Thickers for the "e" and "a", Amy Tangerine's Wishing stickers. That's it!
I took this picture the other day while Ethan was lying beside Ari on the couch watching cartoons. He even held hands with her. They were getting along just well...for the moment.

Thanks for looking!