Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's September! Whaaat?!

I can't believe it's the second week of September already! And summer officially was over on Monday. The hot & sunny weather ended on Sunday and by Monday, fall weather was apparent.
 My sweet, 4-year old Ethan has officially begun school. Last Friday, we (Arianna & I) walked him to school for his one hour trial class. I teared a bit on the way home. I was also worried that he'd misbehave or cry. BUT HE DIDN'T! He quite enjoyed it.
Today, Tommy and his Papa walked him to school. I don't think Tommy can believe his little son is in school either. But, he's proud. Ethan survived his first full afternoon. Whew. And he told us about all his songs he learned and "ate chocolate pudding and drank milk" in class. I think he just enjoys the treat part of the day. 

In other news, our sweet Arianna is WALKING! From last Monday where she was just taking short steps forward to full out WALKING on the sidewalk and grass with no difficulty. Wow. But she is getting into everything! Crazy girl! And our sweet princess turns 13 months today! Yay!
That's it for now (since it's almost 2am).

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