Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week in the Life: Progress

I have my pictures finally printed up and am currently working on putting everything together and trimming the pictures to place in the page protectors. I'm not further along than I wanted to be but I am determined to finish it! I went back to work this week so it's been hard to find time to do it since I work all evening. My goal is to complete it by next weekend.

I ended up printing up pictures to be 2x3 (or the Instagram and Shake It pictures to be 2.25x2.75/2.25x2.25) so they fit nicely into the baseball page protectors. I know I won't be using them all. I also printed a main picture (5x7) which I glued onto an 8.5x11 kraft cardstock and I plan on using some pattern paper or some little embellishment to add onto it. Trying to keep that page simple.
As for the journaling part, I did alot of documentation on my Notes app on my iPhone, so I ended up emailing it to myself. I am just cutting and pasting the text onto a 5x11 page. I do plan on adding some journalling cards that I created and placing them in the baseball page protectors.

So that's my plan at the moment. Sorry for the lack of quality on the photos...just used my camera phone and I've "misplaced" my P+S.

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Paul Smith said...

To be honest, you did a great job! I'm so thankful to you for such a great writing piece. Did you prepare and add some journalling cards? The pictures are nice. Go to when you feel uncomfortable with writings!