Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life: Monday

First day down. I took 217 pictures total (my P+S and my iPhone - using my Instagram, Hipstamatic, Shake It app). I've got through it and narrowed it down to 147. I definitely won't be using all. I'm actually loving just using my phone apps instead of my P+S camera. I just like the photos better even though they're not perfect or grainy.

Here's a few pictures of our Monday.

Lots of photos I took with my iphone that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! We had an interesting day. I can't wait to get it documented. Till TUESDAY! =)


dtahphotography said...

ooh that first picture is soooo cute :)

jendcnguyen said...

Hehe. Thanks! She's fun to take photos of! =)