Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life: Friday

Friday I took a whopping 336 photos! Eeeek. But I did cut it down to about 134 pictures. Friday we spent the day mostly at home. We didn't do much but enjoy each other's company and the summer weather. It was a nice hot & cloudless sky day so after I mowed the backyard, I set up the kiddie pool for Ethan. He didn't play too long since he's not feeling too well. Arianna did enjoy it!

My truck seemed to have been broken into AND rummaged overnight! No broken windows and nothing stolen (that I can tell). I was looking for my sunglasses to use while I mowed the lawn and I noticed my extended rearview mirror and the middle console tray was on my seat. I called Tommy but he never went into my truck at all. When I checked the truck, I noticed Tommy's gym bag was open as well as all the pockets. Definitely rummaged through. Nothing to steal in my truck. I know I locked my truck the evening before! I feel a little bit violated.

In the evening, Tommy and I spent an hour and a half putting up our new medicine cabinet mirror and shelving. What a different this bathroom looks. From gray walls to purple. We headed out to buy some white baskets for the shelves. Ethan of course didn't want to change out of his Buzz Lightyear PJs so he went like that. Hehehe. My son is strange. But I love it! A quiet evening/night at home. One of my favorite times.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life: Thursday

Thursday I took only 134 pictures. Cut that down to about 94 pictures. It was a great day! Did some errands, had a treat with the kids and while they napped in the afternoon I did some crafting.

In the evening, I got to see some of my co-workers and spend time with my bestest nursing friend, Britt, for an early birthday dinner. We ate at Segovia's (a Spanish tapas & bar). Delicious! Great evening spent with NO children. Let's see what Friday brings! =)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life: Album cover

A quick post of what my album cover looks like:

I used some left over pattern paper from my Studio Calico Paper Moon kit, some AC foam thickers & fabric thickers. I also added some circles to add some visual interest, random striped washi tapes and I used an Elle's Studio calendar embellishment. I also sprayed some of the circle punches with my Mister Huey mists (Bluegrass, Orchid & cream). I added a butterfly and some Evalicious' embellishments as well. It was fun to put together. I wanted to make this album summery and fun with the colors I used.

Week in the Life: Wednesday

I took 176 pictures today again! How weird is that? I thought I didn't take as much today, but I did take a majority with my P+S camera. I'm starting to hate my P+S camera...the quality isn't looking great as it did when I first got it. Maybe the kids playing and tossing it around damage it a bit. Eeek. Well, it does give me an excuse for DSLR. He he he.

Anyway, I did pare down my photos to about 112. Reason why I take so many photos is that sometimes I get really blurry pictures so I take a few more till I get the "right" shot. =)

Here's a quick run down of our Wednesday.

After the last three days of this amazing project, I realized that this is my last week that I get to spend the days with the kids so carefree and do as we please. I'm heading back to work next Wednesday, so i'll be working evening shifts for 7 days in a row on (then off 7, etc). When September rolls around Ethan will be starting preschool so that our mornings will be busy. It's making me sad but i'm so glad that i'm able to document this last week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life: Tuesday

I took ONLY 176 pictures today. Went through it all and chopped it down to 110. hehe. Another good day. Here's a few photos of our Tuesday.

This was a bit picture heavy but pretty much sums up our day today. =)