Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It`s summer around here!

We're definitely enjoying summer now!
In the past few weeks, Ethan has learned how to ride his bike (FINALLY), E&A and I are spending more time outdoors enjoying the nice, sunny & warm weather. We've gone to the annual Red River Exhibition where Ethan won a big blue stuffed elephant at his first game he played EVER! I've also had a chance to plant some flowers in my flower bed. Tommy's had a chance to go golfing so he's happy too! =)

And now, we've decided to fly to Vancouver and Seattle for the weekend to visit friends and family! Definitely last in, decided on it on Tuesday and we're flying out on Friday. Eeek. I'm getting kinda nervous because i'm flying solo for the FIRST TIME with both kids ALONE! I haven't flown since 2005 (sad, I know) so i'm a little bit anxious. But, i've been reassured that my friends will meet us at the gate once we arrive so it shouldn't be so bad. *Cross my fingers* I'm just worried about the actual flight and the "what if"...

I'm quite excited to go...just sad that Tommy can't come with us. The kids are finally meeting their great-grandmother (and they're her very first grandchildren). It's my first time to Seattle and Vancouver (if you don't count the time I was there just in the airport to catch a connecting flight). Looking forward to celebrating Canada Day and the Fourth of July! Oh, and SHOPPING and SUSHI!

That's it for now! Time to get some sleep...tons more packing & organizing to do tomorrow.


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Shabby Chic Crafts said...


Found you on Studio Calico! Thanks for the comment. LOVE the summer pics. have you guys tried a slipnslide. My Ethan had a blast on it the other day!
Have a great summer.