Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dirrrrrrrrty 30 here I come!

LOL. I really don't get it why they call it the "dirrrty 30" when really i'm totally the opposite. =D Today is my 30th birthday (woohoo) and i'm really not sure what the day will bring. So in honour of my 30th, i'm going to write my
30 Things About Me (Right Now):
1. I've just been asked to be co-chair for my hospital's Medicine Program Nursing Leadership Council & i'll be mentored to become CHAIR of the council. Ahhhh! Scary! (what a great gift, huh?).
2. It usually rains on my birthday, but this year it's actually sunny!
3. I just painted my nails Opi Ink Suede (blue) and my toes are still Cover Me in Petals (coral).
4. My hair is longer now - past my shoulders.
5. I'm still living in our first house with Tommy, Ethan & Arianna (right next door to the in-laws).
6. I'm running at least 2-4 times a week for 30 minutes. (Still a struggle).
7. I've lost weight since I started running but not at my goal.
8. We're planning to go on the Allure of the Seas cruise in November with family.
9. I currently own a iPhone 4 with my awesome black Otterbox.
10. I'm waiting for my June kit from Studio Calico...patiently. Hehehe.
11. Ethan (4 yrs old) & Arianna (9.5mths) are the loves of life.
12. I've been with Tommy for 11 years now, married for 4.5 years. YIKES!
13. I drive my 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor in blue. It gets me places. =)
14. I just made Canh Chua (vietnamese sour soup) for the first time.
15. My love for scrapbooking has grown in the past year & i'm actually scrapping much more.
16. I currently love Beyonce's Run the World (Girls) song.
17. I'm currently reading Nora Roberts' The Search novel.
18. I love the color gray, coral, turquoise & yellow.
19. I'm craving sushi.
20. I'm also craving a Starbucks' java chip frappaccino.
21. I want to go shopping & i'm tempted to bring the kids with me to the mall. LOL.
22. Excited to go back to work but scared too (because of #1).
23. I'm currently wearing black leggings, black tank top & a long 3/4 sleeve shirt-tunic (shoes TBD).
24. I like stripes & chevron/zigzag & herringbone patterns.
25. I'm still trying to keep up with uploading & printing photos for our albums.
26. I'm on Facebook at least 5 times a day. (i'm on maternity leave!).
27. My favorite flowers are phalaenopsis orchids & roses.
28. I drink coffee at least twice a day.
29. My favorite donut is a toss up between a Boston Cream or a Strawberry-filled powdered donut.
30. My dream is still to travel the world (Paris, London, Egypt, Bora Bora, Japan).

Time to enjoy my day. Maybe i'll take E&A out for a bit. =)

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