Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yup. I joined the National Scrapbooking Week Challenge on Studio Calico. LOL. It's prompting me to scrapbook pictures I've been meaning to scrapbook but just haven't had the motivation to do. (Plus, it gives me a break from doing those 150 invitations).
Here's my FIRST EVER layout i've posted on Studio Calico's gallery. It's my take on the Color Combo challenge and based on Waleska's sketch.

Ethan was bugging me for days to let him go outside so he could "take my bunny out". I had to show him that "Bunny" was actually chalk. We were on our way out so we had to leave the Bunny chalk on the steps. Well, Ethan wasn't too happy...he was pouting and upset all the way to my mom's house, to the grocery store, and finally fell asleep on the way home to our house. Funny funny kid.

Onto the next challenge!!

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