Monday, May 30, 2011

A Forever Keepsake

My husband showed me this Google Chrome commercial.

I just fell in love. It was a whole new way of making a keepsake for my children besides keeping up with printing photos, scrapbooking memories. It's a FOREVER KEEPSAKE that will be online for them to view. I've always been a big fan of technology and this just made me love the advancement of technology so much more in a more meaningful way. I've already created email accounts for both Ethan and Arianna. I feel that this memory keeping can be done quickly in the moment i'm feeling something or want something to be remembered. I can do it on my phone while i'm out and about with the kids and snap pictures and/or video then upload it immediately without forgetting the moment or waiting to send it later.
I don't know when i'll plan on giving it to them. I want them to appreciate it, savor it and remember it. My goal is to do at least a weekly email (if not more). I'd like to do it till they're at least 18. I want to give it to them when they're old enough to understand and appreciate my gift to them.
I also plan on giving their email address out to our immediate family members. I want them to get some emails containing someone else's perspective and love for them. I know this is one forever keepsake that will never get lost or stolen or damaged.
I think i'll give this to them when the moment is right. Maybe as their 18th birthday gift or their graduation. Or maybe on their wedding day.

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