Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ever Changing Technology - A Look Back & Remembering

This is quite a DIFFERENT kind of post. Something i've been thinking about lately that I want to document on a scrapbook or something. I was thinking how far our technology has come. My 4 year old is playing with an iPAD nowadays and it is touch screen! That was unheard of in the 80s!! It was something you saw on Star Trek: TNG...playing with a touch tablet or scanning things.
When I was 5 or 6 years old in 1986-87, I was playing with my dad's Commodore 64 computer. My dad LOVED technology and always had to have the latest gadgets. I know i'm sounding like my parents when they use to say that they remember when they use to watch B&W TV as a teenager. LOL. But I remember I would stick in this block cartridge (a skating game) and my sister and I would play for awhile twirling our figure skater character. I mean, it was a 2-player game so luckily it was just us two. (And who can forget about Oregon's Trail in school!! That was such an awesome game!)
Then in 1991 (I was 10 or 11 years old), my dad bought his first 286 PC. That was sooo cool! LOL. I loved using this Word program and would just type random things. I remember I use to go with my dad to this software store and he would rent these floppy disks or little hard disks games and copy them at home. Hahahaha. I thought my dad was so cool!
I remember it was about 1993 or 1994 and my dad (after a couple of upgrades from his 286 to 486) logged onto the Internet. Oooh. That's big. Remember when a 56.6kbs modem was FAST?! I remember being in Grade 9 in my Keyboarding class where my teacher had asked how many of us owns a computer. Only 2 out of 30 kids raised their hands. I was quite proud. =P I remember my classmates asking me to print them up all these hip-hop or R&B song lyrics I find on the internet or cute Sanrio pictures for them. (Oh man, Sanrio was BIG back then!) I also started to go into chat rooms and chatted with all these different people in the world.
I also remember my dad shelling out $1200 for a CD-ROM burning recorder. Oh, he loved burning stuff. I can't believe he had to spend that much money on a CD burner. DVDs weren't even known back then!
Then when I got older, in the late 90s in high school, I remember an old junior high classmate of mine owning her own cell phone. I'm not talking about a little tiny thing we have nowadays, but those big chucky, block-like phones. I was like, " that's so cool"! Pagers were a BIG thing too (including having your own 1-888 number) and so paging people were cool. My little sister got her first pager when she was 17. My dad bought a cell phone and I remember he had it sitting in his belt clip all the time or he would be calling people up all the time. I remember meeting Tommy (my future husband) and he had this leopard print Nokia phone (do you remember those Christmas dancing Nokia phone commericials?!). It's funny but Tommy STILL has the same cell phone number since the late 90s (almost 20 years later)! I refused to get a pager or cell phone. I didn't get my first cell phone till July 2001. It was a Nokia 8390 or something like that where the most excitement I had was changing the cover to these cute ones.
I also remember logging onto the internet chatting through a local chat room where all these Asian high school students knew each other (in real life) and chatted. I met Tommy through mIRC #casa. We were good friends first. (Can't believe i'll be telling my kids that!) Around that time I started to self-teach myself how to make web pages, web design on the internet. I had a webpage on Homestead and this other site on Yahoo (can't remember the site). I also started to teach myself PaintShop and Photoshop and started making web graphics for my web pages or my personal page on Asian Avenue. *shaking my head* That graphic up at the top I created and I remember people "stealing" it and it was all over the 'net. Yes, I made that. =)
After a few years, after many changes in technology, I remember texting. It had to be about 2004 or 2005. I remember hearing on the radio how big texting was in Asia, especially the Philippines, before it became very popular here in North America. I remember owning a LG Shine phone where I could actually facetime with a friend who had the same phone (that had to be about 4 years ago). I didn't use it much...but it was cool to try! I remember taking pictures with my cellphone back in the mid 2000s was sooo cool! I remember the first iPods. Say whaat!? I had a walkman, then a diskman then an MP3 disc player then these iPods came out. Big time! I remember when the first iPhone came and it was HUGE. TOUCH SCREEN!?! Tommy bought his first iPhone maybe 3-4 years ago. I only switched over to the iPhone last year when my Blackberry Bold was starting to not work on me. (Yes, I had a "crack"berry and I BBM'd people too).
I now own a 4G iPhone, LOVE using all my apps, camera, texting, etc. Tommy bought the 1st gen iPad last year in August and now my 4 year is playing with it. Ethan had been playing with Tommy's iPhone for the past 2 years already. He now knows how to search for an app, download AND install the app or go on YouTube on the iPad/iPhone.

Crazy how things have changed. I haven't even touched on the fact that I owned a Nintendo or GameBoy and now have a PS3 or XBOX 360. Or the different TVs I've had. Or the first digital camera I had and now am looking forward to day when I can own a DSLR. So many changes in such a short amount of time. I think i'll have to make a mini book about all the different gadgets i've grown up to one day soon!

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