Friday, May 13, 2011

Arianna - Nine Months old

Ahh, my sweet Princess Arianna turns {9} months old today! Yup, on Friday the 13th. She was born last August on Friday the 13th as well. It's no longer a bad luck kind of day but a good one! =)

At this point, Arianna is...
- crawling FORWARD (not backwards anymore!)
- able to sit up on her own from lying on her stomach
- will pull herself up on to her knees holding onto furniture (or whomever)
- she'll try to stand up (and can stand up for a few seconds on her own two feet)
- is babbling more "da-da" or "ba-ba"
- still sleeps well
- claps her hands
- smiles or laughs more often
- eats ALOT
- plays with toys or watches TV now (she likes "Toopy & Binoo" or "Four Squares" or "Roll Play" on Treehouse
- loves playing with Ethan
- loves taking baths or playing in water

I don't know how life would be without this sweet girl.
Happy 9 months, sweetie!

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