Friday, April 22, 2011

Road Trip Round-Up

Ahhh. Last weekend we went to Minneapolis for our first road trip of the year. What can I say except that it was alot of driving (TONS of detours due to the current flood situation in southern Manitoba/North Dakota) and walking and kids. We left at 5am Friday morning and headed down HWY 59. It was a quick 4 day vacation. We (all of us parents) realized we can't go for a "quick" run down there for shopping with so many kids/babies. It's just too much. It's not like how it use to be when it was just couples. We need more time.

We got to Albertville early afternoon/lunch so we had a lunch break at Culver's Restaurant. DELICIOUS! My first time there ever. I will have to say we'll be visiting it next time we go back down south.

{Evan & Ethan playing together} {Arianna & me in the Adidas store}

After a quick look at some of the outlet shops we headed to Bloomington to check in so that the kids can go swimming. Ethan's always been hesistant to enter the pool/water but Arianna was just fine. Not a single cry or peep...even when her brother was splashing her in the face. I think she will definitely be taking swimming lessons when she's older.

The next day we spent the whole day at Mall of America. Wow. It was sooo hard to shop! The kids spent the whole time in Nickelodeon Universe theme park. Ethan had tons of fun!! He definitely is a bit taller than last year so he was able to ride some of the other rides. He even went on the Log ride. We had dinner at Rainforest Cafe and we all shared the "Volcano" dessert. Mmmm.

On Sunday, we headed to IKEA (of course) for yummy cheap food & shopping then went back to the Albertville Outlets to shop. I found running shoes! Yay! I did tons of shopping for the kids. For supper we headed to Edina to try P.F. Chang Bistro. Not bad Chinese food. =)

On Monday, we had a late breakfast at Perkins and headed home. I can just say that driving through Fargo and Grand Forks felt like I was driving in the middle of a lake. Crazy flooding! And once we past the U.S-Canada border, I got a text from my sister telling me they were closing HWY 75 so we had to detour to Winkler & Carmen to get back to Winnipeg. Whew. That was a LONG drive. We didn't get home till past midnight.

All in all, the trip was fun. We'll definitely be going back down south but once the flooding has cleared.

I'm currently working on finishing up my "Road Trip #1 to Minneapolis" mini album. Hopefully i'll have it done soon so I can post photos.


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