Monday, April 11, 2011

Funny Kids!

I just had to post this picture. Love both their faces. LOL. =)

Well, i'm finally done making my best friend's surprise party invitations! Yay! Now I have to start on my goddaughter's 1st birthday invitations. Whew. But I think i'll start it after we come back from our Minneapolis Trip this week. I made a little travel mini album to fill with all sorts of goodies I collect. We go at least once a year down to Minneapolis but it's Arianna's first time and i'd like to document it all. Especially with all the kids. I want to use my Fuji Mini 7S Instax camera so I gotta go out and buy more film. That will help with getting it complete. I'll post the pictures soon.

FINALLY getting out of the city. I'm just crossing my fingers its not to flooded on the highways (yet) down south. This flood is scary. My basement already flooded a bit...well, I think the sump pump is still frozen. Booo. But it's fixed!

Time for lunch with the kiddies! Then off we go to enjoy this sunny, spring day!



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