Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend Round Up (overdue)

We had a BUSY Easter weekend starting on Good Friday. Tommy's very good friend came home to visit all of us and introduce us to his awesome gf. We had a DELICIOUS sushi dinner with everyone at Kenko Niwa followed up by gelati at Mercato's. Yum.
That Saturday, I ventured out to the grocery store (which was super busy) to pick up chocolate and plastic eggs/bunnies/carrots to fill with treats for the kids' Easter egg hunt on Easter Monday. In the evening we ended up at our friends' home play board games (well, I didn't). Arianna received a gorgeous purple organza dress plus headbands from Emily & Duong. We all had fun playing dress up with the baby girls. Hehehe. And Ethan LOVED his CARS race track toy. He now has to bring it everywhere with him.

On Easter Sunday, I hid "eggs" for Ethan. He had a ton of fun!! Instead of chocolates and candies I put stickers in them. I can't wait till next year when Arianna can join him or that we can do it outside in the yard.
In the evening, we headed to my Lola's place for our dinner. Lots of food! Lola and my Auntie Nen are always happy to see the kids. They (the kids) always puts everyone in such a happy mood. LOVE! Especially my sweet Ethan...makes every laugh.
Also that evening we headed over to our friends', Pat & Mabe, home for a BBQ and another chill together watch hockey and basketball time. Liam and Ethan had fun playing together. After we got home that night, I ended up staying up till 3am putting everything together for the Egg Hunt. I was so tired. Ugh.On Easter Monday, we went for sushi lunch (this time at Meiji's) with our friends again. Wow, I can't remember the last time I had sushi TWICE in 2 days. LOVE IT! Us girls checked out some of the boutiques in the Village while the guys took the kids to Kawaii Crepe for dessert. Ethan had his very first crepe which he decided to fill with nutella, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries AND sprinkles! He actually enjoyed the crepe more than the filling. Arianna, on the other hand, enjoyed the filling.At dinner, I took the kids to our friends for the kid's Easter egg hunt. Fun hanging out with my friends...we all went to high school together 11 years ago and yet we still hang out to this day (with the inclusion of our children). The kids had an awesome time! LOL. I brought so many eggs and treats that each kids' baskets were overflowing. But Jane and I realized the kids had more fun playing with the "grass" and throwing it on each other heads than the treats themselves. Next year we'll just give them grass! =D

And that evening, we headed over to our friends' home again to say our goodbyes to Duong and Em.

It's was a fun-filled weekend and now it's time for me to focus on making invitations! I need 150 ASAP! Yikes!

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