Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring...I can almost feel & see it!

Yay! The snow if finally melting away! And that means the truck is very dirty. BUT, I did go for car wash yesterday so it's looking so fresh and so clean! =)

I haven't done much in the creativity dept lately. I do have a few projects coming up that I need to get completed this April. First, creating one of my bestie's SURPRISE 30th birthday invitations (shhhhhh!) and second, my goddaughter's 1st birthday invitations. I want to get started on both but I still have to go out and buy my supplies for the first project, and i'm still waiting for the shipment of my second project. =(

As for my family life, Arianna is 7.5 months old now! EEEEK! She is my little pig (or my little tiger since she's Year of the Tiger) and eats alot and growls alot. LOL. It's funny. But she's also very attached to me. *sigh* I love it and hate it. Well, difficult for me to do things. But, she's still a doll. <3
Ethan, on the other hand, is just growing! I seriously was cutting his fingernails the other day and I just noticed how big his nailbeds were and how big his hands have gotten. WTF!? Hahaha. Wow. No way. I gotta face reality!
And yay, my mom is coming home from rehab in less than 2 weeks! And she's doing wonderful! She's walking, has regained her strength back on her left side and isn't so dizzy any more. But, it's still alot of adjustments when she gets home. Something I know will be hard for her to do. =/

Ok, that's it for now. Off to do some cleaning & enjoy my cup of coffee.


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