Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Just one of them days"...

Ahh, I sing this little ditty (sung by Monica back in the 90s) whenever I feel super stressed or super sad or super annoyed and unhappy.

"It's just one of them days,
When I wanna be all alone.
Its just one of them days,
When I gotta be all alone.
It's just one of them days,
Don't take it personal.
I just wanna be all alone,
and you think I treat you wrong."

I don't want to be self-absorbed or selfish or feel self-pity, but it really is ONE OF THOSE DAYS when I just feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I hate feeling like this. Y'know? It's the accumulation of caring for my wonderful & adorable kids, the upkeep of all the house stuff (and bills) everyday, caring for my awesome mom, trying to make EVERYONE just affected me today.

I NEED A VACATION. I just NEED and WANT some space. Just to be alone and relax and NOT THINK. Just one day is all I need. To do as I please.

But, it's not possible. Too much to do and responsibilities. *sigh*

I'm just grumpy & jealous. Jealous for all my friends who have gone or are going or are on a trip somewhere far away. I want to go to Mexico or Greece or Costa Rica or Orlando or the Dominican. =( I got dressed up to meet up with my co-workers/awesome friends for a going-away party and was ALMOST on my way to meet them at a bar, but I backed out and just stayed home.


At least I have had the chance to scrapbook a few layouts & finish up a baby album for a friend. That was helpful, creative therapy.

Arianna's 6th month layout! Finally have an excuse to use butterflies & hearts together.

A little Valentine's Day layout with me & my loves.

More butterflies & hearts! Arianna's 5th month layout.
Ok. Enough venting. Time to sleep & listen to this song once more.

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