Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a new year to be creative!!!

Happy New Year, everyone! I know, i'm a few days behind but still the same week! =)

Anyway, i'm going to try to "savor" every moment of my year - with my children, my family & friends, and with the everyday little things. I'm going to ENJOY IT! Definitely. So, I figured, why not do the 365 Photo everyday...well, TRY to do it again! =) Yup. I lasted up to March last year then called it quits. I was busy working and pregnant the whole year so I just gave up. BUT this year I am on maternity leave till August so I get more time with my kids & home life. So I figured keeping up with just one simple photo shouldn't be too hard...i'm going to make use of my Flickr membership & post the pictures up there with a little journaling. So if you want to see what's up & if i'm keeping up with the photos go here.
Also, I bought the "memory logbook" from the Log Your Memory site to use on a daily basis as my journal. I tend to forget things easily or I KNOW I won't be able to remember things if I don't write it down so i've been carrying this thing in my purse nowadays. I carry a big bag for diapers & wipes, so this fits in easily!! =)
I still would like to make a layout each for Arianna & Ethan for each month of the year. And i'd also like to make a "calendar" layout each month with tiny little photos of things that happened over the month and a little bit of journaling. I'm probably going to use a 12x12 sheet of cardstock and draw grids for that, but still working out the design in my head.
I know this is a bit more than I usually do creatively, but better to start now than regret later! =)


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