Thursday, January 27, 2011

Best Friends...Ethan's birthday!

Wow! It's been a while since I posted. So, to start off I had an amazing start to the week! I finally got to hang out TOGETHER with my best friends (Dabs & Mau). Of course, Dabbie brought Ethan's best friend, Liam, so that they can play together, but as well as her sister. We finally got to open each other's Christmas gifts. Woohoo! The boys had fun opening last minute gifts. Well, who doesn't?!
Then we enjoyed some coffee and SUSHI!!! Wooohooo! Soooo yummy!

I love hanging out with Dabbie & Maureen. I see Dabs more often but when we all get together, it's great to catch up and talk. Over the past summer, we usually met up at a Starbucks (before the babies were born). And we all love some form of scrapbooking! I think we're going to start having crop nights! LOL.

In other news, I've been working on ideas for Ethan. I did finish and hand out a couple of his invitations. Hehehe, I have it all ready to hand out but just haven't had a chance to give them. So, I just made an event page for his birthday! As for his gift favors, i'm thinking of making a little 4x4 coloring/fun book to give. All about Thomas the train, Shrek, Toy Story and Angry Birds. Hence, why all the characters are on his invitation. I hope to complete these fun books and have them printed by the weekend!


Friday, January 14, 2011

TWO new layouts!

I MADE some time to catch up on Arianna's monthly layouts. Here's month 3 & 4.

I've also been keeping up with my daily pictures (Except for one day). Just have to post them on my Flickr page. AND i've been keeping up with my word (SAVOR) and writing in my Log Your Memory book. Currently, i'm busy making Ethan's 4th birthday invitations and an order for invitations for my godsister. Hopefully, this weekend i'll have time to scrapbook some of Ethan's monthly layouts for LAST YEAR and start this month's. =)


Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a new year to be creative!!!

Happy New Year, everyone! I know, i'm a few days behind but still the same week! =)

Anyway, i'm going to try to "savor" every moment of my year - with my children, my family & friends, and with the everyday little things. I'm going to ENJOY IT! Definitely. So, I figured, why not do the 365 Photo everyday...well, TRY to do it again! =) Yup. I lasted up to March last year then called it quits. I was busy working and pregnant the whole year so I just gave up. BUT this year I am on maternity leave till August so I get more time with my kids & home life. So I figured keeping up with just one simple photo shouldn't be too hard...i'm going to make use of my Flickr membership & post the pictures up there with a little journaling. So if you want to see what's up & if i'm keeping up with the photos go here.
Also, I bought the "memory logbook" from the Log Your Memory site to use on a daily basis as my journal. I tend to forget things easily or I KNOW I won't be able to remember things if I don't write it down so i've been carrying this thing in my purse nowadays. I carry a big bag for diapers & wipes, so this fits in easily!! =)
I still would like to make a layout each for Arianna & Ethan for each month of the year. And i'd also like to make a "calendar" layout each month with tiny little photos of things that happened over the month and a little bit of journaling. I'm probably going to use a 12x12 sheet of cardstock and draw grids for that, but still working out the design in my head.
I know this is a bit more than I usually do creatively, but better to start now than regret later! =)