Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my 2011 word

As I am a loyal follower of Ali Edwards, I wanted to follow her example of choosing one little word for 2011.

Why did I choose this word?

I chose SAVOR mainly because of my children. I realized that every passing minute they are growing and one day they'll be older and wiser and may not want mommy or daddy to hug & kiss them anymore. They may not want to be seen with me or they may not NEED me anymore. Ethan is going to be FOUR YEARS OLD in February. It feels like I JUST HAD HIM not too long ago! Looking at him now I see the differences in his face, the way he acts or says things, how smart & witty he is. And everyday with Arianna I see how she's starting to sit up unsupported on her own for a few seconds, how she's starting to interact with her toys and people.

I want to remember these little moments with them & savor them. I want to SAVOR all the little details in my life with them, my family & with everyday little things.

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