Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010 Christmas Ornaments

I wanted to post a couple pictures of Arianna and Ethan's 2010 ornaments.

Since it's Ethan's 4th christmas, this year was all about Toy Story! He's watched all 3 movies over and over again! Can you believe that I NEVER watched Toy Story AT ALL till THIS YEAR!?!?! - LOL. Anyway, I was going to make Ethan a Toy Story ornament but since he saw this ornament in the Walmart flyer I went out and bought it.

As for Arianna it'll be her very FIRST christmas so I just picked up a glass ball ornament and filled it with crystal beads. I found this "BABY" embellishment at Michael's and added it. I used some 3M Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive and spelt her name. I then used some Martha Stewart glitter to make her name sparkle. TA DA! That's it. I let it dry overnight and now it hangs on our tree.

Well, back to "trying" to finish up Day 16 & 17 on my DD album. Just need to do the finishing touches.



Shabby Chic Crafts said...


OMG. My Ethan is in love with Toy Story too. I made him an all Buzz party back in June.

Let me know if you plan on having your Ethan a party. I have free pdfs if you need them. :) I wouldn't have to change the name. lol

jendcnguyen said...

Hahahaha. That's awesome!! His birthday is coming up in February! =) And yes, you wouldn't have to change the name!! LOL.