Wednesday, November 17, 2010

...and the rest of my December Daily 2010

Here's the rest of the pages for my DD:
Day 17 & Day 18

Day 19 & Day 20

Day 21 & Day 22

Day 23& 24

Day 25 & Day 26

Day 27 & Day 28

Day 29 & Day 30

Day 31 & New Year's Day

I ended up going till New Year's Day because we do have tons of other activities with friends going on past Christmas. And New Year's my little cousins/godsisters/godbrothers get together annually to celebrate Christmas/NY. It's a tradition we carried on from all our parents when they use to do it when we were all tiny babies/children.
I've also been brainstorming on what to include in my December Daily so that I DO have something on a daily basis:
+ picture/list of Ethan & Arianna's Christmas wish list
+ my Christmas tree & decor around my house
+ Arianna's first Christmas dress
+ gifts i've bought
+ lists of things I need to buy (though i've bought most of my presents)
+ samples of my handmade Christmas cards & gifts to friends
+ winter activities/events
+ winter scenery
+ everyday things/activities with the kids/family/friends
+ my favorite hot drink for winter (aka Cinnamon dolce latte at Starbucks)

Hoping to add more to the list so I can refer to it back in December!



Beth said...

looks awesome!

Rosie said...

I really like the pp's you used. Great start to the project!

jendcnguyen said...

Thank you! =)