Thursday, November 18, 2010

All about you...Ethan

I have the funniest 3.5 year old boy! I swear, sometimes the comments or the things he says I can't believe comes out of his little mouth. I always wonder where he gets it...hmm. =P
I made a quick layout of all the things he says (at this moment in time) so that i'll never forget it! And I can bug him about it later on when he's older. THAT will be fun!
I just used a piece of kraft cardstock, Basic Grey chip stickers ('green at heart'), American Craft thickers, Evalicious embellishments, an assortment of stamps (including Heidi Swapp's 'love' stamps) for the journalling. I just made it to look like it's a wall of art and kind of made it uniform so that it doesn't look too messy. Simple & quick without too much fuss.

Ethan is...
+ 3.5 years old but a tiny, skinny boy
+ weighs only 26lbs (SUCH a picky eater)
+ he talks and talks and talks
+ LOVES his Thomas the train & friends (his #1 love)
+ LOVES anything Toy Story
+ has a very active imagination (I love listening to his conversations between his trains - each train has their own dialogue)
+ loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & will do the Mickey hotdog dance (& I have to do Goofy's dance)
+ very outgoing & friendly & not shy at all (sometimes it's embarassing)
+ loves to tuck the bottom of his pj pants into his socks (weird, I know)
+ can count up to 50, knows the whole alphabet, can spell his name & know's "red + blue = purple")
+ loves singing & memorizes songs/things easily (eg. "Billy Jean" or "Thriller")

This list can go on and on. I love this boy soooo much! He's such a charmer too & will just smile and hug/kiss you so that you forget why he was in trouble! LOL.

That's it for now.

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