Monday, September 20, 2010

Life today...

It's almost October! Starting to think about what to dress Ethan & Arianna up for Halloween. Ethan wants to be Woody (from Toy Story) but he was already a cowboy 2 years ago. One of my bestest, Dabs, son is Ethan's best friend and we're thinking of dressing them up together. I was thinking of Mario & Luigi!! LOL. Unfortunately, we'll be missing out this Halloween's trick-or-treating event since I have Arianna to care for and Dabbie is expecting first week of November (but will probably arrive much sooner). As for Arianna, i'm still thinking...maybe as a little Piglet. She eats sooo much!

This past weekend was quite eventful. Arianna had a belated "one month" birthday celebration as per Chinese/Vietnamese tradition. My mother-in-law cooked sooo much food for all their friends. Arianna has been so lucky to receive so much clothes and lucky money. Thanks everyone!! Ethan played with his best friend, Liam, by jumping up and down on the bed and met a new friend.
Arianna Mai {5 weeks old}

Ethan & Liam

We also checked out the Parade of Homes in the new development where we're planning on building a new home. *sigh* Show homes are fun to walk into and look around. I still have my favorite home, but we're looking at a more affordable 2-storey home. I'm excited but very nervous because we may be building one by next year!
This is my dream home I want!

Today i'm going to do a little mini book on our "daily life...our routines". I just randomly chose to do it today. We'll see how this works out!


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