Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just a day this summer...

Wow. It's been HOT & HUMID here! Like, it was +32C but with humidity it felt like +42C?!!!! Yup. That hot. I didn't want to leave my house at all because once you step outside, you feel like you can't breathe. BUT, I had to leave. Tommy's work truck broke down & we had to go pick him up at the dealership. Ugh. I had the A/C on full blast the whole time. Seriously. I'm NEVER getting pregnant again if i'll be due end of August.

Anyway, while we waited for his truck to be fixed we had a quick snack/late lunch at Smitty's. Afterwards, we headed over to Tommy's work to drop off some of his paperwork & pick up supplies for his truck. Well, Ethan & I spent a good 45 minutes just sitting in my truck. Not fun. To top it all off, Ethan is potty training so while waiting patiently for daddy, I hear the words "Mommy, I have to poo & pee!". Oh no! Well, the warehouse has no washroom & Tommy had to rush over to the dealership to pick up his truck (before they closed at 5pm -- it was 4:45pm AND rush hour!!). Yup. I kept saying to E, "just hold it in longer! We're almost there!". LOL. Well, we rush into the dealership & guess what, NOTHING. He didn't have to do anything anymore. Whew. LOL.

In the evening, Tommy decides he wants to make Hawaii's Spam Musubi sushi but we need the mold & ingredients. We head to Osbourne Village looking for Wasabi at Home but then I realized it's no longer there and in it's place is Kawaii Crepe! Hehehe. Being preggers, I beg Tommy to get some bubble tea! LOL. He reluctantly agreed. He got his Taro and I got my honeydew. YUMMY! But, I still prefer Asia City's bbtea. We end up driving to 2 different Asian stores to pick up the rest of ingredients. But still no mold to make. So Tommy's trying to think of what can we use at home...picking up my box for printer cartridges (ewww), rummaging through the kitchen cabinets. Then *DING!* I told him to use the can of the Spam as the mold! Duh! LOL. He calls me a "genius"! Well thanks babes, that's why you married me! =P
It was delicious!!!

Yes, this was just a day in the life for us. LOL. Today's another scorcher, maybe i'll go visit my mom at her house (she has A/C too). =)


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