Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So far a great week!

I'm enjoying these past few days!

On Sunday, my sis-in-law, Jan, helped me clean up my living room (because i'm "nesting"). Thanks so much!! She suggested I clean a room/day. I can't bend over or do heavy lifting too much these days.
In the evening, Sheena & I went out for some fraps at Starbucks (I got my Java Chip & Sheena always gets her Caramel frap). Since everything was closed in the evening, we headed to the casino! LOL. Gosh, haven't been to Club Regent in F O R E V E R! LOL. So we just played a bit for fun. They have this cute little place, the Ice Cream Shoppe, where I got this Mayan Dream treat and Sheena got a mango slush! My treat was in this big boat container full of chocolate soft ice cream covered with hot fudge & brownie bits, whipped cream & a cherry on top!!! OMG! I was chocolate OVERLOADED! I did get a snapshot of it with my Blackberry (because cameras aren't allowed in the casino). I almost finished it. Hahaha. That was a great day with my sister!
On Monday, I ended up hitting all these shops with Ethan and visiting my mom in the afternoon. She helped me vaccuum and clean out my truck! It was SUCH a hot & humid day! +30C but the humidex must have made it near +40! We ended up getting some Slurpees to cool off.
Today, Tommy, Ethan & I headed out for lunch (actually breakfast) to the Salisbury House on the Provencher Bridge. Can you believe that it was my first time to that Sal's? I work at St.Boniface Hospital (which is only a 5 min walk) and never have gone there!? LOL. Our breakfast orders were a little overcooked so we didn't enjoy it as much. But Ethan had fun waving at the Paddlewheel and little boats touring the Red River. After our "breakfast" we got a free ride in a golf cart across the bridge.
I quickly did some work stuff (I MISS YOU E6 STAFF!) and we got ready and headed to Winnipeg Beach where dogs were allowed - with Alvin (Tommy's friend). The dogs had fun and Ethan had some trouble getting into the water, but overall it was nice.
We had a late evening dinner at this little restaurant called, Johnees, for burgers & fries. There was a band filming a video so we sat outside the restaurant and watched them. It is such a quiant little place, Winnipeg Beach, to have a cabin or cottage. It'd be nice to walk around the one little busy street for ice cream & burgers during the summer! Maybe one day we'll have a cabin of our own.

Wow, it's been a long day but it was wonderful! Hope the rest of the week goes well!


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