Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So far a great week!

I'm enjoying these past few days!

On Sunday, my sis-in-law, Jan, helped me clean up my living room (because i'm "nesting"). Thanks so much!! She suggested I clean a room/day. I can't bend over or do heavy lifting too much these days.
In the evening, Sheena & I went out for some fraps at Starbucks (I got my Java Chip & Sheena always gets her Caramel frap). Since everything was closed in the evening, we headed to the casino! LOL. Gosh, haven't been to Club Regent in F O R E V E R! LOL. So we just played a bit for fun. They have this cute little place, the Ice Cream Shoppe, where I got this Mayan Dream treat and Sheena got a mango slush! My treat was in this big boat container full of chocolate soft ice cream covered with hot fudge & brownie bits, whipped cream & a cherry on top!!! OMG! I was chocolate OVERLOADED! I did get a snapshot of it with my Blackberry (because cameras aren't allowed in the casino). I almost finished it. Hahaha. That was a great day with my sister!
On Monday, I ended up hitting all these shops with Ethan and visiting my mom in the afternoon. She helped me vaccuum and clean out my truck! It was SUCH a hot & humid day! +30C but the humidex must have made it near +40! We ended up getting some Slurpees to cool off.
Today, Tommy, Ethan & I headed out for lunch (actually breakfast) to the Salisbury House on the Provencher Bridge. Can you believe that it was my first time to that Sal's? I work at St.Boniface Hospital (which is only a 5 min walk) and never have gone there!? LOL. Our breakfast orders were a little overcooked so we didn't enjoy it as much. But Ethan had fun waving at the Paddlewheel and little boats touring the Red River. After our "breakfast" we got a free ride in a golf cart across the bridge.
I quickly did some work stuff (I MISS YOU E6 STAFF!) and we got ready and headed to Winnipeg Beach where dogs were allowed - with Alvin (Tommy's friend). The dogs had fun and Ethan had some trouble getting into the water, but overall it was nice.
We had a late evening dinner at this little restaurant called, Johnees, for burgers & fries. There was a band filming a video so we sat outside the restaurant and watched them. It is such a quiant little place, Winnipeg Beach, to have a cabin or cottage. It'd be nice to walk around the one little busy street for ice cream & burgers during the summer! Maybe one day we'll have a cabin of our own.

Wow, it's been a long day but it was wonderful! Hope the rest of the week goes well!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Faves Minibook & One Year Baby Girl Album

Yay! Currently finishing up my Summer Faves 2010 minibook. I've been working in Photoshop creating my own embellishments and such. LOVING the color combo of grey & yellow.

I will post once i'm complete. =)

Also been meaning to post my One Year Baby Girl Album that I created a couple months back. I wanted to have something handy so that I can jot things down easily when she's finally arrived. Mostly used the Pink Plum Collection by Crate Paper, album & mini plastic sleeves by Russell & Hazel, and 3 different colors of Bazzill cardstock. I TOTALLY love the colors!!

I can't wait to start filling it up!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010


Yay! I'm officially on vacation!! Well, ok, i'm on my 7 day stretch OFF from work then VACATION starting Tuesday. =) Sooo happy! I feel so free! LOL. Which is a good thing because my body is seriously aching. I realized that i've been experiencing Braxton-Hicks' contractions on and off for the last week. NOT FUN. And getting a good night's sleep is well, nearly impossible. Or sweeping the floor, going up & down the basement stairs with a basket full of clean/dirty laundry also NOT FUN. LOL. I'm starting to limp because my hips hurt. I can't run after Ethan as fast as I use to. Putting on shorts or pants is a task. OMG. I really didn't remember any of this when I was pregnant with Ethan, but back then, I was only concerned about myself & could rest or sleep whenever I wanted to. LOL.

Anyway, besides the pregnancy woes, i'm back into the groove of being creative!! Here's my July layout for Ethan's 2010 scrapbook album! I'm finally caught up & i'm so happy.

Isn't this so summery & colorful!? I LOVE IT! I remembered this day so vividly...well, 2 weeks ago. Just watering my flower bed & grass and Ethan kept passing through the shower of the hose. LOL. I just had to let him get wet & have his fun. I loved playing with the sprinkler or our Slip 'N Slide with my sister as a kid. Wish I could do that now. Those were carefree days!

Well, that's it for now. I'm planning on creating a July minibook of (1)Top 10 things I love about summer, and (2) Ethan's Fave as of July 2010 -- I had done a July minbook for him when he was a year old!
That's me & my 34 week belly!


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Lately, I have this affection for elephants! I've been looking for prints for the kids' room and i'm just loving elephants! Here's a few finds I found on etsy.com.

Cute prints by Trafalgarsquare:


This cute pacifier clip by Baffinbags':

This adorable make-it-yourself elephant by Bingle Bears:

And this teething toy by littlesaplingtoys:

There's sooo much cute stuff on Etsy! I HEART ETSY!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm almost caught up!

Here's my June layout for Ethan's 2010 album! I am on a roll! =)

I realized after I completed there were a few things I could have adjusted. For example, the title, the little word stickers on the left side. Oh well! Can't be perfect. But this layout out came together quite quickly. Super simple. I think I like that. And I printed all my photos as one on Photoshop CS! I HEART PHOTOSHOP!

Here's our dogs (well Oreo is mine, Mocha is my mom's) with there cute haircuts! Perfect for summer!

Ok, i'm off to work! UGH!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another scrapbook layout

Oh yeah! Here's another May layout for Ethan's 2010 album.

It's a really bright one! I hand cut the hearts, clouds AND grass! I felt like I was back in elementary school doing these things. Then some doodling. =)

Today, spending some time with my mom & Ethan. And Oreo & Mocha. Both little dogs got haircuts! They are sooo cute! Anyway, back for my very LAST stretch of evening shifts tomorrow.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's July!

Wow! I can't believe how fast the summer is going by! By the time August rolls around i'll be on maternity leave and this baby will be popping out anything then! OMG! Getting super anxious and nervous. LOL. My best friend asked if i'd packed anything yet (my hospital bag) and I haven't. And I FINALLY washed all the baby girl's clothing. I think I shrunk them though...oops!
I am working a shift today (ugh) and then I have 6 more evening shifts then TA-DA I am on vacation again! The last few days I can't believe i've been scrapbooking layouts! Seriously! I actually have TIME to just sit and do my little hobby.
This is my April layout...Ethan's first Easter egg hunt!

This is 1 of 2 layouts for May...his very first ride!

I still have to work on the other one tomorrow.

And we celebrated Canada Day at Assinaboine Park! It was PACKED and HOT and HUMID! I think it felt like +35C!!! I was NOT comfortable at all! However, Ethan had a great time! I realize I'm never in the pictures...i'm always the photographer. Oh well, that's ok because I was not looking great at all! LOL!

That's it for now!