Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today I turn '29'!

Happy birthday to me!

No plans for today. Everyone keeps asking me, but this year I just feel like staying home and spending time with Ethan & Tommy. What did I ask for my birthday? Nothing really. There are lots of things I want, but didn't ask for. Tommy offered to pay for half of an DSLR camera! That kinda surprised me since i've always wanted one. And it's funny because last year for my birthday I bought a point-and-shoot Canon PS SD780IS which shoots AWESOME HD video! Hehehe. Well, he bought one for me (a red one) and I bought one for me (a black one) thinking he never would buy the camera! LOL. We ended up returning the red one. =(

So now what? I'm 29. Maybe I should make a list of 29 things to do before I turn the BIG 3-0! But for now, i'll write out my list of 29 things of today!

1. I'm currently 7 months pregnant
2. My hair is currently layered and shoulder length
3. I painted my toenails "Le Beau" Sephora by Opi but haven't done my fingernails
4. I'm itching to create something but crashed my Photoshop program so can't do it now till I get it back up and running
5. I'm very very happy with my life right now
6. I'm looking forward to going on vacation next week starting June 16th!
7. It's raining (AS ALWAYS) on my birthday
8. I'm driving a '04 Mitshubishi Endeavor - which has many problems I need to get fixed
9. I have a BB Bold...but want to upgrade to the iPhone 4!!
10. My favorite pair of jeans were the "ankle length" ones I bought at New York & Co with purposely torned holes..LOL (plus the only thing that I can fit)
11. I haven't worn any maternity clothes throughout my whole pregnancy
12. My left hand still hurts from my fall a week and a half ago
13. My favorite color(s) at the moment has to be black, grey, beige, yellow
14. I want to eat sushi but i'm not because of the slim pickings I am allowed to eat
15. Never really asked for anything for my birthday
16. Have so many ideas and projects swirling through my head but just haven't done
17. My favorite purse is my big LV tote that my sis-in-law got for me from Vietnam
18. Want to get a white crib for the baby
19. Doesn't know what to name our baby girl anymore...'Isabella' is out of the equation =(
20. Feels like drinking a Tim's coffee (large double double)
21. Wants to go shopping...but can't till payday!
22. LOVES all the birthday love i'm getting on Facebook/BBM/text msgs today
23. Just finished reading a new Nora Roberts book "Savor the Moment"
24. Is starting to read Danielle Steel's "Matters of the Heart"
25. Doesn't really have a favorite song at the moment...but maybe "OMG" by Usher
26. Dreaming of a big gorgeous house...
27. ...need to buy a Lotto ticket for Friday ($70 MILLION!!)
28. My favorite birthday greeting today is a text message from my mom! LOL.
29. Just wants to savor each moment today.


P.S. Hopefully i'll have my list of "29 things to do before I turn 30" today

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