Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy busy busy!

No time to update! I have been busy working. I worked night shifts over the May long weekend (aka Victoria Day weekend here in Canada) so I haven't felt in the mood to do anything but keep up with housework and sleep. LOL. So sleepy lately. Plus, this little girl is keep me up & pre-occupied! I realized on those night shifts she is a night owl like her mommy! Kicking, turning, doing flips and whatever else she's doing in there! OMG. And i'm only 27 weeks as of TODAY (THURSDAY)! Ugh. I want to get started on her tiny mini-book...I have all my paper, binder and supplies but just not feeling it (the creativity flow). I'm also TRYING to finish up my Week in the Life 2010 album but so far all i've done is print out all the pictures. I still have to journal and put things together. Maybe tomorrow night after my evening shift. I am off the Friday. Woohoo!! ANd i'm also trying to finish up organizing our new Expedit bookshelf with all my scrapbooking stuff and our office supplies, finish re-organzing and go through all of Ethan's clothes so I can fit our baby girl's clothes in there. Ugh. Vacation is coming up for me as of June 16th and i'm off for THREE WEEKS! Woohoo! Then I have one more stretch of 7 evening shifts then VACATION again THEN MATERNITY LEAVE!! Yay yay yay! I'm very excited and looking forward to enjoy the summer at home with Ethan and not having to worry about rushing to work in the evenings. ALMOST THERE!

I also want to start printing up all my pictures and placing them in physical albums. My drive on the computer is filling up so I think it's time to do that! So many ideas and plans just the motivation to do it. =)


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