Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week In The Life: Wednesday April 21

Today was one of those favorite days of mine. I skipped the whole chores/housekeeping thing and just spent the day with Ethan. LOVE IT!
A run down of our day:
- both woke up at about 11am -->finally got to sleep in!
- Ethan wanted an apple for breakfast
- gave him his puffers
- I checked out my usual websites/blogs - Facebook, Ali's/Elise/Lizzy's blogs
- checked my voicemail - got one from work & my great-aunt
- called into work and said "no" to working this evening
- called my great-aunt and try to re-assure her & send my love
- checked out my Rogers' account -->i'm eligible for an iphone upgrade! Yay!
- I got ready
- ate some Raisin bran cereal with bananas; Ethan ate Lucky Charms & leftover nuggets
- daily routine: Ethan and me brushing our teeth together
- 145pm: headed out first to Staples -- bought ink for the printer, mech pencils, pens, notebook for work stuff
- 2pm: next stop to Michael's where I tried to decide what pattern paper and basic cardstock I wanted -->ended up with none of those but stamps and Thomas' stickers
- 230pm: went off the Home Depot to get my paint sample for Ethan & Baby girl's room -- Embellished blue by Behr; Ethan picked out some Mickey Mouse paint samples
- 2pm: last stop to Chapters where we spent 2 hours; Ethan played by himself (luckily) for 1.5hrs on the Thomas train table and I researched and wrote down my favorite girls' name
- headed upstairs to Starbucks to grab a grande java chip frap & Ethan a Naked Berry Blast fruit smoothie; ran into a med clerk I had worked with last year
- we headed back downstairs to the baby section (of Chapters) and I asked Ethan to pick out a "bunny bear"/stuff animal for his baby sister -->he picked out this soft cuddle white bunny
- fave moment: he hugged my stomach and said "you're my best friend, baby"
- we got home at 5pm and sat out on the front steps...Ethan didn't want to go inside
- Ethan took pictures of me and his Bunny Bear/trains
- went inside to cook some supper
- Jan came by before her run to visit; tried to pick out girl names
- Ethan falls asleep on my lap so I lie him down in bed for a nap
- Tommy comes home
- I watched some Law & Order SVU and America's Next Top Model while eating some Heavenly Hash ice cream....mmmm
- I head out to Wal-Mart to pick up some Krazy Glue and shampoo
- sat and watch a little more TV with Tommy (while he read)

- Woke up Ethan
- 9pm: Krazy glued back together the figurines/statue I had broken the other day
- 940pm:uploaded some pictures from my BB and downloaded new songs on my BB...changed my Ring tone
- painted sample patches on the walls...hmmm...looks good! Wonder what it'll look like in daylight
- checked out facebook/blogs/newspaper
- finished Ethan's February/birthday layout...FINALLY!
- 1030pm: Tommy ovens a pizza (pepperoni & mushroom)
- Ethan hides under his thomas blanket
- Tommy makes Ethan a little seat
- we all sit in the living room - Tommy continues to read his book, I watch cartoons and try to feed Ethan pizza
- 12am: chatted with Brittany on Facebook on where we'll go tomorrow...excited!
- 1230am: Tommy finishes his book and takes Ethan to bed...
- i'm working on my Monday's pictures for Week in the Life
- bedtime: probably 2am for me...i'm such a night owl...well we all are!

Till tomorrow!


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