Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life: Tuesday April 20

Didn't take much photos today or document anything...busy busy busy.

- woke up at 0900hr
- Ethan & Tommy still sleeping so I woke up Tommy for work
- 0915 - lied on the couch with Ethan to watch some Thomas & Friends cartoons on PVR
- gave Ethan his puffers
- dosed off on the couch till 1015
- 1018 - checked Ali Edwards' blog, Facebook
- 1040 - seasoned some pork chops to eat for brunch
- made a cup of Chai tea --mmm...been awhile since I had some!
- listened to my voicemail...woohoo, CRN meeting cancelled! Don't have to go in till 230pm
- ate brunch with Ethan
- cuddled with Ethan a bit
- 1135 - washed the dishes
- checked the weather -->Sunny & clear! Currently +13C
- prepared both our outfits for the day *and ironed of course!
- 1245 - while getting ready, peeked on Ethan sitting on the couch and he's fallen asleep watching Treehouse
- 1pm - talked to Natasha for a bit of a catch up
- 2pm - got everything prepared for work & Ethan's backpack (change of clothes)
- found my truck in the backyard -- unloaded the crib & locked it up in the garage
- drove Ethan to meet my mom at my Lola's apartment
- got to work right at 230pm
- received report and we went up to 7AS to see their bedside reporting *yawn
- better shift - only 2 discharges AND admissions!
- first dinner break - with Kristen, Heather & Tessie -->had my Michaelina Fettucine Alfredo, chicken fingers, strawberry yogurt and a Tim's large double double
- first person to feel my baby girl kick was my co-worker Young! =) Yay!
- went for a quick coffee break at 1030pm with Kristen -- bought a glazed cinnamon roll but ate a cup of vanilla ice cream instead
- chatted with my good co-workers/friends
- left work at 1230am
- hungry - drive-thru McD's...10piece nuggets, fries & diet coke
- watched my PVR taped episode of LOST...only 4 more episodes left!
- upset that I didn't PVR today's episode of 90210
- watched the re-run of Ellen's show today
- going to bed really late...maybe 3am!! Oops!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

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