Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week in the Life: Thursday Apr 22

Delayed 2 days on my Week in the Life Project. Fell asleep at 10pm on Thursday night so I couldn't do my daily update. Anyway, it was a great Thursday!

- woke up at 10am
- Ethan woke up cranky - ate apples & fortune cookies
- painted my toes "Le Beau" by Opi Sephora - my house is still a mess! Dishes still not done!
- I vaccuumed and swept a bit of the living room/office

- tidied up the office and got rid of a bunch of lotto tickets lying around
- 1145am: drove thru drive-thru McD's for a quick lunch (I got a McChicken Meal & Ethan got a Nuggets meal)
- 12pm: went to Sun-Ray to wash my truck while Ethan ate his Happy Meal in the backseat
- sat on the front steps to eat our little lunch
- hear Baby barking and found him running across our neighbour's lawn with high school kids running after him...he ran away!
- Ethan said his Happy Birthday to "Go-Go" aka Janice
- my Studio Calico Add-On kit came today!!
- 2pm: got ready and dropped Ethan off at my mom's

- It's plus 21C and sunny & clear -->A/C is on in the truck!
- 230pm: met up with Brittany at Breads and Circuses on Lilac Ave on Corydon to have lunch (again) -- I had a Turkey sandwich and Britt had a delicious salad
- enjoyed the sunshine so we walked down Corydon to Starbucks for cold coffee (I got my java chip frap & Britt got a iced coffee)
- walked back towards Lilac and sat on a bench to chat a bit

- went to pick up Ethan, my mom & Aunt downtown
- dropped everyone off home
- Brought Ethan over to next door to my in-laws to celebrate Jan's 27th birthday - BBQ time!
- ran quickly to Scrapbooking by Design to pick up some cardstock - they were closed at 6pm (got there a few minutes after) and quickly grabbed whatever
- Went to Sobey's to pick up a yummy marble cake
- my mother-in-law also got DQ ice cream cake! (Good thing I didn't buy the same!)
- ate lots of yummy food
- sat around and talked
- 830pm: came back home to tidy up a bit (again)
- 10pm: lying in bed with Ethan watching PVR Thomas & Friends
- Ethan feels the baby kicking
- 1030pm: we both pass out

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