Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in the Life: Sunday April 25

Finally day of this project! I'm quite happy its done. I've been printing out the photos i'll be using on and off this weeks so I can complete ASAP before I head back to work on Wednesday.

- I woke up at 7am to wake Tommy up for his big golf game
- couldn't fall back asleep so I get up at 730am
- I checked out the kids' bedroom and i'm LOVING it still
- come on the computer to log onto Facebook and check out my usual blogs
- received a message from my Aunt Raquel (Vancouver) who sent me a care package for us including something for my girl! Awww
- can't believe how different the light is outside this time of morning...also enjoying the peace & quiet

- 830am: print some pictures out for my WITL Project
- 9am: hear Ethan talking (in his sleep of course) so I go and cuddle with him and watch some Friends' episode (the one where they make their 1999 New Year's resolutions)
- I fall asleep
- I get woken up by Ethan at 11am -->give him Lucky Charms & chocolate milk for breakfast (which he only picks out the marshmellows)

- 1pm: Ethan walks into his new room saying "it's beautiful, mommy" & plays with his toys while I bring back some things into the room
- the house is still a mess
- start ovening some fries & boiling/cooking some smokies for lunch
- we eat some lunch then I do some of the dishes

- Ethan says "I poo-poo" so I take him to the bathroom to potty train
- my mother-in-law comes and we are very excited he did do a little #2 in the toilet...she takes him over next door
- I continue to clean up some of the mess in my bedroom
- 3pm: I lie down to watch some hips/lower back are so sore...and I fall asleep
- 430pm: I get woken up to voices and Tommy is back from his golf game with Ethan
- 5pm: we head to Home Depot to pick up paint for the trims/doors and more paint supplies, covers for the vents...Ethan has a hissy fit because he wants Mickey Mouse paint sample cards

- 545pm: head over to Tim Horton's for 10 Timbits and 2 large double-doubles...mmmm...been a few days since I've had coffee!
- head home and start clearing out the living room to finish painting the wall Behr's Porpoise
- I start taping the trims/ceiling...Tommy paints
- we complete the living room...the color is growing on me...Tommy is still iffy
- we start & complete painting the front entry way...really love that color!! Behr's Mountain Ridge
- i'm pretty sore on both hips & lower back still...ugh...sometimes its hard being pregnant
-9pm: my mother in law comes by to feed Ethan
- Ethan takes a shower & dances to Toopy & Binoos' episode of "Rockin' Toopy"

- I eat a smokie hotdog and some veggies
- Ethan continuously askes us what we're doing
- Ethan is wearing one boot...being such a goof!
- 1120pm: I finally complete painting the 2nd coat on the front entry!

- I finally take a much needed shower at 12am...nice
- time for bed at 315am!

That completes my Week in the Life Project!


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