Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in the Life: Saturday April 24

The weekend is/was here...

- got woken up by a cranky Ethan at 935am -->he was asking "I want candy" and I said "no" therefore the tears started to fall
- Ethan played with his Thomas table
- 10am - my mother in law comes and bring me some wonton soup with noodles...mmmm
- tried to feed Ethan soup but of course, it was hard and he was pouty; had to pretend Bunny Bear wanted to eat some so Ethan eventually did

- I tried potty training Ethan luck
- watched some TV with Ethan and he's very cuddly with me

- 12pm: we watched some TV in the bedroom...I fell asleep again
- Tommy comes home after getting up early to go to a Bike Auction to buy us bikes - unfortunately, no luck...then he falls asleep
- 130pm: my mother in law knocks and comes to take Ethan to a friend's BBQ
- Tommy and I sleep till 330pm!! (lately i'm so sleepy because my sleep is all screwed up)
- 5pm: I go to Home Depot to buy paint for the living room/entry ways/kids' room & get paint supplies

- 530pm: I head over to Superstore to pick up a few items...e.g.: eggs, milk, strawberries, pull-ups, etc
- come home by 615pm
- we start taking things out of the house is a complete mess
- I start taping the trims/ceiling...yup...prego me on the ladder =)
- we start painting the kids' room Behr's Embellished Blue....LOVE IT!!!

- 9pm: I realized i'm lightheaded & hungry so I run out to VJ's Drive Inn to pick up a VJ's double special (for Tommy), double cheeseburger and 2 fries...DELICIOUS! Couldn't help but eat some fresh fries on the way home! YUMMY!

- Tommy completed painting the kids' room by the time I got home
- I sit and watch some of the UFC fight Tommy is watching on/off
- Ethan comes back from next door and I try to put him to sleep by 1030pm, but instead, I fall asleep first


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