Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week in the Life: Friday April 23

So another day came and was a bit simpler and quieter.

- woke up at 1030am by a phone call from Dabs
- checked up on Facebook/Ali's blog
- Ethan played with his Thomas train table as I got ready
- skipped breakfast
- 1230pm: went to meet Dabs & Liam at their home before heading over to Moxies on Kenaston
- I had a clubhouse sandwich w/fries and Ethan had kids' chicken fingers & fries
- Ethan & Liam enjoyed coloring and screaming
- Ethan not on best behaviour at all
- 215pm: Ethan & I went to check out Indigo bookstore for the first time
- LOVED this bookstore...its smaller than Chapters but still quite nice & fun for kids
- Ethan played with the train set, kitchen, checked out books, drew on the chalkboard
- checked out the rest of the store and looked at magazines...where Ethan left me and ran to the kids section again!
- Ethan arguing with another little boy who also wouldn't give up a train
- left the store with a mad child
- 330pm: head over to my mom's to drop off some clothes for her
- sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine
- headed home by 445pm
- Tommy is out golfing
- went for a walk to Ashcroft corner store to buy a Lotto Max ticket...Ethan picked out some Skittles
- dropped Ethan off next door to visit
- I enjoyed some quite time...cinnamon bun and chai tea
- washed the dishes, did 2 loads of laundry, folded 2 baskets
- re-organized my personal items
- moved over all of Tommy's clothes to our new room & vice versa
- Ethan came home all washed up
- 10pm: went for ride to Wendy's to grab some food...Ethan passes out
- see my sister & her boyfriend behind me in drive-thru
- come home and put Ethan to bed
- Sheena & Rolly hangs out for a bit
- Tommy comes home at 1130pm
- everyone is sleeping at 1230am...i'm checking out Facebook & updating my blog
- i'm heading to bed now...250am

i'm caught up!


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