Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week in the Life 2010: Monday April 19

Started off quite excited to join in with Ali Edwards' Week in the Life 2010!

So that i'll keep up with this i've uploaded my photos & am going to post a quick "what I/we did today" thing so I don't forget!

- I woke up at 11am, Ethan woke up at 1130am
- I checked out the new wall color in the living room & i'm not really liking it "too cool" for my taste
- folded some laundry & listening to some old school R&B songs (i.e. Aaliayah, Allure, Air Supply, Atlantic Starr, etc)
- cuddled up with Ethan when he woke up -->feeling a bit warm & stuffed up with a runny nose
- Tommy joined us & started to sing Thomas songs to Ethan using "bunny bear" & Ethan giggling like crazy
- Annoyed & amused with the way I say something to Ethan & he says "what" in a tone I'm not impressed with; I always reply "don't say 'what', say 'excuse me'" and Tommy is always laughing at us
- picked out my scrubs for the day & Ethan's outfit to wear -->ironed them
- Ethan played a bit with his Thomas trains on his table while singing Thomas' songs
- Burned a Thomas & Friends CD for Ethan to sing along to in the truck (yikes!)
- went to pick up the crib from my mom's place & broke special Holy figurines & anniversary Precious moments figurine we had given them on their anni (my parents)
- went to the Forks before work for lunch
- bought Jelly Belly beans at The Almond Tree
- had 2 smokies & fries from Skinners
- sat by the river outside, ate, and enjoyed the warm weather
- weather was sunny, clear & +18C
- took pictures of Ethan by "Flora" by the Johnston terminal
- went inside to check out train tracks at the Kite & Kaboodle toy store
- got dropped off work at 3pm by Tommy & Ethan
- changed into my scrubs, checked my work email & got report from Helga for my evening shift
- had supper with Heather, Tessie & Liane (on 2nd break at 1845)
- ate a cheeseburger and a King size Klondike Triple chocolate brownie drumstick...mmm
- back to work to deal and check over orders on 33 patients -->admited 3 this evening!
- got out of work by 0015...dropped off at home by Kristen =)
- thought Tommy had left to pick me up but realize my truck was parked in the back
- walked into the house with the smell of vomit...Ethan is really sick and vomitted three times! Tommy gave him a shower
- did laundry at 1am
- gave Ethan puffers to settle his RR=60 and his heartrate is up to 140s/150s
- cuddled with him the couch while we (with Tommy) walked the PVR of Dancing with the Stars
- going to bed at 230am!!

Need to be up early! Hopefully we can sleep tonight as we're concerned with Ethan. =(


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