Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's a New Month...

I can't believe it's April already! Easter weekend came and went. Ethan had his first Easter egg hunt with me before heading out to our friends to go hunting with other kids. He enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. But I think next year less chocolate, more of little toys he'd enjoy and maybe try some egg dyeing. I haven't done that in years!!! Not since I was a kid. =)

In other news, I finally had my baby ultrasound yesterday. Yay! And it's safe to say i'm only have ONE baby and the baby looks pretty healthy on the ultrasound. Unfortunately, she couldn't tell me what it was. But as of yesterday, I was 19wks 5 days and the baby weights 11oz which the tech told me was good weight. AND i'm also due on August 26th...Tommy's birthday! LOL. He really is hoping for the baby to be born on his birthday. I'm actually relieved after seeing the actual u/s. I was lying there in silence while the tech did her thing and all these crazy thoughts were running through my head!!! Whew. Ethan & my mom were able to come in afterwards and see the ultrasound. My mom has never seen an ultrasound (apparently they didn't do that back in the early 80s) so she was quite excited! And Ethan was sooo much more focused on the gel on my stomach. LOL. Apparently, while I was inside the room, Ethan was looking for me and asking everyone around where his "mommy" was. He went up to the office window (which he is too short to look into) and said "Lady, have you seen my mommy Jennifer?". Hahahaha. Hilarious. People were laughing at him because he was sooo cute! LOL.

Afterwards, we went to McDonald's for lunch. Ethan quite enjoyed that. =)

We can't wait to go to Baby Moon next week and find out the sex of the baby!!!


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